What is Resilience?

Can resilience be taught? If so, how? And are some organisations more resilient than others? This article considers how the notion of resilience can inform and energise corporate culture, and how the resilient individual survives and thrives in the workplace.

All consultants know that concepts and ideas have to be ‘refreshed’ or ‘reheated” to sell. Old ideas need to be re-packaged in the language and images of the present in order to to get a new reception and adoption. What we now call ‘emotional intelligence’ was called ’social skills’ thirty years ago and ‘charm’ fifty years before that.

A modern concept that all employers seem to be interested in now is Resilience. Employers want their staff to be stress-coping, tough individuals, willing and able to give their all in difficult situations. They do not want increased absenteeism as a result of stress-based illness or poor decision making because people are not ‘relaxed’ enough to make good judgements.

But what is Resillience? Is it just being low on Neuroticism or high on Adjustment? Is it anything more than another concept called hardiness?

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