What is Prepaid SIM Card Service

SIM Card

Traditionally, there are two payment options for the services provided: credit and debit. If you use the service, and then pay the bills that come in, this is a credit system. The debit system initially implies the presence of a certain amount on your account.

For example, an advance form of payment can be attributed to debit systems: you deposit a certain amount into your account and then spend it. Prepaid is also a debit payment option for services provided by the cellular operator. 

By purchasing a special plastic card – a carrier of the prepaid service, you thereby make an advance payment. Sometimes these cards are called “scratch-card” (to activate the card, you need to remove – “scratch” – the protective layer, under which there is an activation password – PIN code). Control over the expenditure of funds on your account is carried out with the help of specialized software and hardware installed by the operator – a billing system. The calculation cycle is called billing. 

How to use the prepaid service?

Operators offer a variety of prepaid service options, but the principles of its supplying are the same. In addition, the prepaid service can be named differently. Services under the prepaid system can be provided not only by cellular operators, but also by paging companies and Internet providers. As a rule, prepaid cards contain the following information:

  • face value of the card (in tariff units or number of minutes);
  • information about the operator (logo, contact numbers, etc.);
  • activation deadline;
  • validity period of the card from the moment of activation;
  • PIN code for card activation;
  • brief instructions for using the card.

If you have ever bought an Internet card of a certain denomination, you could notice, that this card was also prepaid.

The prepaid card can be one-time and renewable. After the expiration of the one-time card, the remaining minutes disappear. A renewable card can be “revived” by purchasing a renewal card. By purchasing a card, you remove the protective layer, under which there is a PIN code. This code is used to fund your account.

Best prepaid SIM card USA

Buying a local prepaid SIM card in the country you are visiting is the cheapest way to have data on your phone. In the USA there are only 2 mobile internet providers that sell prepaid SIM cards for tourists:

  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T

The registration process for prepaid SIM cards in the USA is very simple. When you buy a SIM card you should bring your passport with you. A copy of your passport or a photo will be taken right in a store and will be attached to your registration. Your new USA SIM card and number will be registered on your name and passport number. To avoid this you can order a prepaid USA SIM card online and get one shipped to your home address before your journey or get yourself an e-sim card for the USA.

registration process for prepaid SIM card

T-Mobile USA charges nearly a $10 activation fee for a prepaid SIM card in stores around the USA. All of the prepaid SIM card deals come with unlimited calling and texting in the USA, are valid for 1 month and allow using max data speed at 5G network.

The activation fee for an AT&T USA prepaid SIM is nearly $15, but also waived when in most cases when buying one of the offered prepaid SIM card plans. AT&T offers 2 prepaid USA SIM card plans for tourists. The middle column is a prepaid offer for a year.

When comparing all the prepaid SIM cards for the USA we can come to the very simple conclusion that T-Mobile is the best prepaid SIM card in the USA for now. They offer the best prepaid SIM card deals and also have the best 5G network in the country. However, it would be good to take online SIM cards and virtual phone numbers into consideration and then we come to the conclusion that these are the best USA SIM card deals. EsimPlus is the cheapest way to get a lot of data on your phone. 


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