What is Mines From Duelbits?

Mines From Duelbits

Online crypto-based betting games have become increasingly popular on the internet, and Duelbits brings all of the action to you in one convenient online portal.

Over 80 000 people visit Duelbits online casino every month, making it one of the fastest-growing online betting platforms. Thanks to all the new gamers, Duelbits can offer more promotions, new games, and entertainment for all its customers. Duelbits is one of the highest-rated online casino platforms on the web today. They provide VIP clubs and tournaments and up to $500 000 bonus sign-up offers each month on the live casino platform. There is also live support via chat for all users.

You can choose to play all the popular casino-based games like Blackjack, Roulette and Slots. And there are some unique and exciting games found only on Duelbits. The complete Duelbits user portal has a simplistic layout and easy navigation with a straightforward design so players can make the most of this online gambling and gaming website.

You can place bets on all major E-sports events like League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty and even Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Additionally, you can bet on actual live sports events like tennis, cricket, boxing and rugby matches.

Duelbits sports betting and online casino brings the exciting world of online gaming and betting to crypto payment portals. Now you can play all the popular casino games and e-sports betting by making payments with your favourite cryptocurrencies.

What is Mines?

Duelbits runs on the best “fairness” algorithms to ensure a fair gaming and betting environment for all who sign up.

This sports betting and casino site brings you an exciting new game, “Mines”. Be the master of your luck with this gem-hunting game as you set the odds yourself and pick the difficulty with which you feel comfortable.

The game closely resembles the nostalgic Minesweeper, which many of us played as kids on our windows home computers. If you don’t remember this old classic windows based computer game, don’t worry, your in for a treat. It’s a luck-based game where you must uncover tiles on a board to dodge hidden mines as you try to clear as many tiles as possible. Clear all the tiles to win maximum rewards and dodge those pesky mines before they end your game.

You start the game with a 5×5 (25 square grid), where you decide how many mines are hidden on the grid. The more mines you choose to be on the grid, the higher the rewards for the hidden gems will be on the remaining tiles. The fewer mines there are, the more tiles will be available for rewards, but the smaller the rewards will be. The more gems you uncover, the higher the multiplier goes on your current bet. Once you hit a mine, the game is over.

Mines From Duelbits

You can either choose to manually set the betting amount yourself as well as the number of mines that are hidden on the grid. Otherwise, you can opt to use Duelbits’ amazing automated feature where you can pre-set the number of bets and instruct the game to increase or reset your bets based on a percentage of wins or losses. In Automated mode, you can require the game to stop when you reach a set amount of wins and or stop the game when you get a set amount of losses, giving you more control over your online gaming experience. The game will automatically continue running in auto mode until one of your set parameters is met.

This game is unique because you can decide your odds and take on as much risk as you feel comfortable with. Players could get a feel for the number of payouts accrued by viewing the live stream of current games and their corresponding payouts. You can also keep track of your historical bets and their payouts so you can view your profile and stay on top of your wins and losses.

All your winnings get collected in your vault, where you can easily withdraw using traditional and cryptocurrency portals. These cryptocurrencies include some of the most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Solana and Ripple. Duelbits does not require any minimum deposit or withdrawal amount, so many online betting sites are plagued with it. Duelbits also offers mobile use for players on the go.


By offering these great features and games it’s easy to see why Duelbits is one of the best and fastest growing online crypto betting sites. With loads of more games to come, you will be entertained for endless hours of fun.

It’s effortless to sign up and fund your account within minutes, and there are no tedious and drawn-out sign-up procedures. Your account will be up and ready for play within minutes of signing up.

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