What is Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation)?

AP Automation

Accounts payable automation reduces the responsibilities related to money owed payable. AP Automation era creates a virtual workflow for ordinary steps like invoices, coding, routing them for approval, fee and reconciliation.

Account Payable Automation work by the technique which begins off evolved through shooting invoices electronically, computerized matching compares bill information with open buy orders. Any variations are flagged for review, and paired invoices are mechanically routed for approval or scheduled for a fee through decreasing guide strategies and handing over bills on time.

How AP automation helps businesses?

AP automation allows businesses to manage their major suppliers and payments with them by generating an automatic report and helps businesses make payments to the suppliers according to the terms settled between them.

AP automation system is very helpful for small businesses, cloud computing and artificial intelligence make it easy for small businesses to approve invoices and pay them timely. Just think of a conventional way, after receiving goods, the invoice has been sent to you manually after 3 days, then the procurement department confirms the invoice with a good receive note and sent it for payment to the accounts department. The accounts department further approve the invoice from their senior management and then the payment was made.

It was a lengthy and time taking process, where chances of error and omission are high. But AP automation system is here to help you but creating a lengthy process is easy and short for you.

AP automation is a Cost-Saving Tool

AP automation helps you to keep track of your daily payment activities which also indicates where a large chunk of the company’s wealth is spent by management. This will help the company to manage their expenses and cash flows. Also, AP automation has already saved the cost of ink and paper, as this system is automatic based and you just put the entries and it generates invoices correspondingly. No extra human effort is required, near 0% chances of error and a handsome sum of money have been saved.

Benefits of AP Automation

Ap automation facilitates a commercial enterprise to enhance relationships with providers and partners. Boosts productiveness reduces human error, saves human energy and helps to manage the day to day cash therefore this increases profitability and growth.

AP Automation is also effective and very efficient to use such as:

  • Times saving: AP Automation software makes invoice processing and approval faster and more efficient. By reducing many of the manual stages of invoicing, approving and payment procedures. Minimises the time staff spend on this aspect of their role
  • Accuracy: risk of human error is reduced and generate clear invoices which reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • Efficiency: Quicker approvals, the data is recorded in timely sequence and bills are sent daily on the mentioned date
  • Transparency and better record: Via the software’s online network website, suppliers can check the bill and payment status by themselves.
  • Cost management: invoices will be timely paid and the company can enjoy early discounts. Also, the company can cut many other miscellaneous expenses through the AP automation process.


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