What is a White Label DSP and What are the Fundamental Benefits of White Label DSP?


One thing that all advertisers have in common is they would like to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. Unfortunately many advertisers are stuck to DSP platforms that help support their media buying process, but the advertisers still work through an intermediary with the technology. The only way to control every step of the advertising deal is by having owning your own -white label- DSP that allows you to act directly in auctions for programmatic advertisements.

A white label DSP can be described as a ready-to-use solution that can be fully developed, personalized and rebranded to meet the needs of any business. The product is accessible from anywhere through an internet browser. Many companies spend huge amounts to develop similar solutions in-house, which are then sometimes resold (with limited support, security and maintenance), to others.

The white label DSP is an advertising platform that is sold without any brand name attached. Rather than paying a monthly charge for a self-serve DSP, a white label DSP really becomes your own product.

Fundamental benefits

There are many reasons why you should purchase a white label DSP. It gives you some fundamental advantages. In this blog you will learn about these advantages. With the white label DSP solution you can benefit from gathering all media buying activities under one roof.

These are some of the benefits of a White Label DSP compared to selve-serve alternatives. 

  1.  No monthly subscription: Instead of paying a monthly subscription, you customize a white label DSP for your own needs and cut out a middleman. This means you will stop overpaying for third-party service providers. Your customers will enjoy the low cost and potential savings you can provide them.
  2.  Control over ad traffic: You are dependent on multiple DSP’s without a white label. Which might result in you bidding on the same impression through different platforms and competing with your own bids, which is totally silly and absurd. White labels enable you to create multiple ad accounts, without having to use multiple DSP’s.
  3.  Customization: With a white label DSP, you have complete control over every option, like the placement of your logo and buttons, as well as the colors used in each part. Every part is completely customizable. Unlike a self-serve platform where you are limited in actions and looks.
  4.  Data: All the data will be displayed in one place which gives you a clear view of your campaigns, without any limits applied.
  5.  Transparency: A white label DSP is 100% transparent because you are aware and able to monitor every step of the process.
  6.  Influence the roadmap: Would you like to have a specific tool or feature already available in DSP? There is the opportunity to develop, test and create new functionalities. So there is the ability to influence the roadmap.
  7.  Tools: After you purchased and created your own white label DSP, you want it to be reliable, effective and secure. The whibe label DSP option allows you a lot of freedom and benefits, such as speed of technology installation. Additionally because it is prebuilt and requires less human work for development, it reduces your ventures. There are still a few things to accomplish before your white label DSP is finished. There are a lot of tool options available for this.
  8.  The ability to claim ownership: Experts can follow the owner of any software by analyzing and tracing pixels. The same can be said about the ownership of technology used to develop white label platforms. As a combat measure, you can claim ownership by customizing pixels by implementing your company name into the code or domain name.
  9.  Global reach: Being able to serve ads all over the world, that is what everyone would like. And a decent white label is integrated with the option to serve advertisements in basically every country.


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