What Is a PRP Hair Treatment, and How Much It Costs?

PRP Hair Treatment

People suffering from premature hair loss can benefit from PRP hair treatment. There can be numerous hair loss reasons such as underlying medical conditions, iron deficiency, hormonal changes, use of medicines, etc. 
This therapy is effective in stimulating new hair growth to enhance your appearance. This treatment provides long-term and notable results by addressing the root cause of hair loss. You can book your appointment for Rejuvence Clinic PRP hair treatment to enjoy thicker, fuller and denser hair or you could use a hair loss product like The Hairy Pill.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

Platelet-rich protein or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective and non-surgical way to grow new hair. This treatment uses the body’s proteins, stem cells, and growth factors to repair and rejuvenate skin and tissues. PRP therapy specialists that specialise in hair care deliver the procedure. 

In this procedure, medical professionals employ a patient’s blood platelet components to encourage hair cell regeneration and repair. Consequently, the factors will be healed, hair growth will speed up, and they will have thick, healthy-looking hair. However, PRP hair therapy aims to speed up hair follicle growth and stop hair loss and thinning.

How PRP Treatment Works?

Plasma makes up most of a blood sample if one were to be taken. It comprises protein and water, thus providing a home to white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Blood cells called platelets are responsible for blood clotting and wound healing. Plasma and platelets are essential components of PRP therapy.

A sample of your blood, usually 20 to 30 ml, is taken from your body during the procedure and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge rapidly spins your blood, dividing it into various constituent parts. The plasma portion of your blood is separated and reinjected into the areas of your scalp where you are losing hair. However, PRP treats hair thinning through your own body’s healing system. 

How Many PRP Sessions Do You Require?

To get desirable outcomes, you need almost three sessions of PRP treatment over 3 to 4 weeks. Each session may take 20 to 40 minutes, after which you can resume your daily routine as it is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. However, you must follow the instructions and precautions given by your doctor. You also need maintenance treatments between 4 to 6 months after the treatment to boost hair regrowth.

Why Take PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP is effective for patients who want to regrow their hair. Whether you are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and other similar problems, PRP treatment helps you to maintain hair density. It is also helpful for those who do not want to go through any surgical process. This method is safe, reliable and less invasive than hair transplantation. Both men and women can benefit from PRP treatment for hair loss and get thicker hair.
How Long Does PRP Hair Treatment Take to Show Results?
It typically takes 3 to 3.5 months for PRP treatment results to manifest completely. Additionally, success rates vary according to how many treatments you receive. The more treatments you receive, the better the outcomes you will observe.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost

You must be thinking about how much PRP hair treatment costs. PRP treatment is affordable and cheaper as compared to hair transplants. However, it is an effective alternative to expensive hair loss treatments. PRP treatment cost varies according to your location and the clinic offering it. As you need 3 PRP sessions, the cost may vary between £475 to £1,275 per session. 

The majority of clinics advise scheduling at least three visits at first, spaced one month apart. Once you start to see effects, you can reduce your dose to one maintenance session per year. This indicates that, despite initially appearing pricey, PRP hair loss treatments end up being a rather inexpensive solution to the issues related to hair loss and hair thinning. 
PRP Hair Treatment Benefits
As platelet-rich plasma therapy uses your body’s cells, there is no risk of allergic responses or the cells being rejected, which is one of the key advantages of PRP over conventional hair loss therapies. There is no sleepiness and no drug-related side effects. 

The only procedure involved in the treatment is injecting a substance into a new area of the patient’s body. Afterwards, there might be stiffness on the scalp, but nothing to be worried about. Visit this site


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