What Is A Landing Page And Why Every Business Needs Them

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By Ravi Sharma

Nowadays, marketing techniques have become super simplified. The reason is the information overload and decreasing attention span of internet users. What is the need for a landing page? 

A single page may contain all the information about products and services. But, what is its relevance? If the user can’t locate desired product information.

Well, you can take a call of designing landing pages:

  • Do you want to maximize your conversions? 
  • Are you interested in promoting your products?

Without any further delay, let’s discuss the necessity of landing pages for business growth. 

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are where your customers can land to know all details about a particular service or product. Your visitors will arrive at landing pages by clicking on the hyperlinks from other website pages. Web designers design these pages for a purpose like:

  • Giving video demo of a product.
  • Conduct sales pitch
  • Lead generation

Also, it invites visitors to take some action like 

  • Get a free ebook.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Sign up for the webinar.

What are the types of landing pages?

Marketers categorize landing pages according to the goals they are likely to accomplish. 

Video Landing pages

Video landing pages is a static web page meant to launch a marketing campaign. It contains a video along with other content to convert sales. Place it above the written context to improve its relevance. How to design videos for video landing pages?

Videos are the most interactive elements. You can use it judiciously by putting in

  • Relevant facts and figures
  • Animation to improve user engagement.
  • Beautiful presentation.
  • Use illustrations
  • Customer reviews
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Subtitles
  • Infographics

Lead capture pages

Lead capture pages aim to grab the attention of inbound leads to the website. Potential leads are the customers interested in purchasing the things you offer. It contains the form for customers to fill up like name, contact details, email id, or other necessary information.  

How is it different from “About us” or “Homepage.” It doesn’t include much content about the company’s story, its vision or mission, or anything of that sort. Lead capture persuades visitors to provide their details. Marketers use tactics like giving free items in place. For example, discount offer deals, newsletter.

Later, companies use this information for email marketing, messaging them with the latest offers, and building trust to purchase required services.

Squeeze Landing pages

Squeeze landing pages are rigorous marketing campaign pages. It doesn’t allow you to move to the website unless you provide your details. No doubt, it is aggressive. But, its design must be simple, straightforward, and appealing. 

Squeeze landing pages must tell what you are offering in place of customer details. Other information may clutter the pages and distract the customer from the actual purpose.

Click through pages

Click-through pages are sales-focused landing pages. Further, it provides details of the benefits of a specific sale-oriented product or service. It convinces users to take the desired action. Indeed, it motivates users to click on a link to reach their services or products.

Pitch landing pages

Pitch landing pages don’t mean getting leads but promote a product. These are pitch pages. It encourages clients to look out for more and explore. Further, sales landing pages are 

Sales Landing pages

The sales page’s sole purpose is to drive sales. It is a lot strong and compelling enough to make a purchase there and then. It is an essential part of marketing strategies.

Products involving a significant amount of money can contain further links to get an appropriate quote.

Visible landing pages

Visible landing pages are present along with other web pages. Generally, it is the form of a short CTA that lies above the web page, between or on the right side blank space.

Other than that, there are viral landing pages that act as brand ambassadors for your website. Also, business owners can contact the web design company for creating appropriate landing pages of any desired type.

Why do businesses need landing pages?

Some marketers consider landing pages as redundant marketing efforts. But, businesses having 10-15 landing pages see an increase in their leads by 55%. And companies with 40 or more than 40 landing pages capture 10x leads than before. Other benefits are:

  • Amplify potential customers.
  • Get valuable data to launch other marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance the web user experience.
  • Expand Search campaigns.
  • Get more conversion rates.
  • Work out what drives your clients.

Concluding remarks

In brief, landing pages are the relevant stations for customers to get a complete idea of the type of business you deal with. Landing pages are marketing-friendly pages. 

You can promote it wherever you want to like social media, whenever you need to tell about your products or services. It may seem a horrible job at first sight, but the above article will remove all your doubts.

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