What is a Crypto stamp? How does Crypto stamp work?


As we know that our cryptocurrency is made from smart contracts and long contracts, there are lots of opportunities that are stored in a single block, so to avail these types of contracts either long or short, we also have a stamp, therefore crypto stamp has two matching digital copies. But how do Crypto stamps work? It is said that these crypto stamps are very different and rare from each other, so do we confer that a Crypto stamp means collecting and exchanging stamps? Read more about bitcoin selling and buying in crypto superstar platform.

Let’s find out in our new article about Crypto stamps which is unique and has lots of unique revelations about the whole crypto world.

What is a Crypto stamp?

Crypto Stamp comes in thirteen designs; it is a physical stamp with its twin digital counterpart, i.e., a matching copy of the original design, it is shown that Crypto Stamp has 65,000 common copies but only has 50 unique kinds of copies throughout the worldwide distribution.

Crypto stamp is issued with a limited supply and it is made available to the customer through online and chain systems of trading, some other mediums are expected to facilitate the collection of Crypto stamps, like Philately Shop, sales point, etc.,

When did the Crypto stamp launch?

It is said that Osterreichische Post AG was the first facilitator who introduced the world’s first crypto stamp or blockchain stamp on 11 June 2019 and being a digital version of the stamp, it is the first digital crypto stamp that manages to transfer the complex blockchain technology within a simplified version.

So, as far now, many stamps with the latest upgradation and versions have been launched throughout the passing years, and we must have a quick look over their versions and what kind of technologies they are offering:

• Crypto stamp 1.0

The first series of Crypto stamps is called Crypto stamp 1.0, which has the idea based on one element with five digital matchings, it came into an instant flash with a circulation limit of only one lakh fifty thousand and was sold in a very quick time.

• Crypto stamp 2.0

Now the Crypto Stamp 2.0, as the name holds for itself, Crypto stamp has the expanded motifs of crypto stamp 1.0 in form of many popular names like Honey Badger, ILAMA, doge, etc.,

• The golden unicorn

This golden unicorn has a very scarce limit of supply which has been curbed within 999 pieces, this is known as the special edition of crypto stamp 2.0 which has one gram of gold bar and has 500 euros as its nominal value.

It has set a world record when a unique golden unicorn in the form of a 20-gram gold bar was minted from Australian mint.

• Crypto stamp 3.0

Now came the wave of third Crypto stamp upgradation as 3.0 which was innovative and gave birth to various crypto world innovations like Crypto Whale and NFC supported authenticity check.

• Crypto Stamp 3.1

Continuing the series of crypto stamp launches, the Crypto stamp 3.0 was followed by the crypto stamps 3.1 which had the diamond as their trading motif and it also sprouted in South Africa, bringing the existence of Rhino and Cat.

The Bottom Line

So, in short, we understand that a Crypto stamp is a physical postage stamp with digital matching copies with a limited number of suppliers, so that a smoother transaction may be circulated among the blockchain nodes.



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