What Is Blockchain? How Does it Work? 


Blockchain technology is a decentralised ledger of all the transactions made. With the use of blockchain technology, the users can take confirmation of any transaction without the help of a central clearing authority. It can include transferring of funds, settling of trades and other issues. They are best known for playing a vital role in maintaining the security of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

These Cryptocurrencies can be traded on trading software like Bitcoin Loophole, which gives their users an easy-to-understand interface. Blockchain technology is very confidential and gives you ultimate privacy on Internet-based work. Profound social media influencers who post content on their accounts to go viral receive potential compensation for the same. 

Blockchain technology is innovated in such a way that it ensures the security and fidelity of the record of transactions and data. Moreover, with the help of this technology, counterfeiting, double spending, manipulation or alteration of transactions is next to impossible. The level of privacy provided by blockchain technology makes it easy for traders to trust without the intervention of any third party. That is why it is highly in demand today. As such, it is wise to learn more about it while you can derive precise information on the same. 

Working Of Blockchain Technology

Considering Bitcoin as an example, let us understand how blockchain technology works. 

  1. Once a Bitcoin is purchased, it enters into a robust network of computers known as nodes. 
  2. This network of nodes then confirms all the transactions made with the help of computer algorithms. This is called Bitcoin mining. The miner who completes a new block is then awarded a Bitcoin. 
  3. After the purchase of Bitcoin is cryptographically confirmed, the sale is added in a transaction on the distributed ledger, blockchain. Then, the majority of the network conforms to the sale.
  4. This block is then permanently chained to all the other previous transaction blocks. The sale can be processed through a cryptographic fingerprint known as a hash. No other person can change or destroy this transaction record. Since it is a public distributed ledger, the transaction made is visible to all the traders who traded Bitcoin. 

Blockchain technology’s primary goal is to permit the record and maintenance of digital transactions without any amendments. This particular technology does not give space to counterfeit, double spend, manipulate or alter any transaction made and documented here. Because of this reason, blockchains are called Distributed Ledger Technology. 

The Bottom Line

Blockchain technology is considered one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century. Initially, it was developed to support the transactions made through Bitcoin and help maintain the record of transactions. Presently, blockchain technology is powering thousands of other Cryptocurrencies as well. 

This technology’s level of privacy and security has driven the developers to work on this platform and integrate the same into other businesses like art, medicine, and finance. As there is no intervention of any third party intermediary, dealing with the person directly is much more accessible and secure. 

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