What Has Driven the Betting Industry Forward Over the Last Decade?

If you look back over the past decade, the betting industry has moved forward a long way. This is a competitive industry that continues to move forward at a rapid rate, because bookmakers are all trying to win new customers.

This competition has given us a variety of new aspects to the industry, all designed to make things easier, faster or better than ever before.

But what are the driving forces behind this industry, and what is happening to keep pushing things forward?

Here are three big moves that we have seen over the last decade, all of which have played a huge part in the success of the industry, and in putting it where it is today.


The Convenience Factor

Just like everything else in life, we all want our betting to be as convenient as possible. This is now something we all have, thanks to the creation of mobile betting apps. These have been around for more than a decade, but it is over the last 10 years where they have really advanced.

For many punters, the betting app on their phone is the only way in which they will bet, they no longer need shops or a computer to place their wagers.

Thanks to these apps there is also no longer the problem of missing bets. If you are out at work and worried about missing a bet then fear no more. You have the latest technology on your side to ensure you get the bet on in time.

Advancements in phone technology as well as internet speeds and stability have all come together to give mobile betting the platform it needs.


Live Betting

A new creation that changed the face of betting as we know it has been the development of live betting. This is where you place bets during an event, rather than before it.

If you don’t want to bet before and you want to watch the early stages of a game before you bet then you can now do this.

Many punters will sit back and watch big games from competitions such as the Champions League, before placing a wager mid-way through the game when they have analysed what is happening.

For some people, this is a tool they use alongside regular betting while others have turned to the in play markets for all the bets they place. This has quickly become a huge part of gaming, and it is only set to grow further in the future.


Betting Tools

This isn’t something that the bookmakers have done themselves, but it has certainly driven the industry forward. There are more tools out there to help punters than ever before.

This could be calculators, comparisons, guides or something else, getting help with betting is now easier than ever before. Wagering on all outcomes to guarantee a profit, also known as sure bets,  is just one example of the kind of help that punters can get by searching online.

Often for outsiders looking in, the betting industry always seemed too complicated and advanced for new players to get involved with. While there is still part of this remaining, betting tools have done a great job of making things more accessible for everyone, whether you are brand new to betting or experienced.

This has opened doors for new players and when you combine this with other driving forces that we have already mentioned, it is easy to see why the betting industry has moved forward, and it should continue to do so for another decade.

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