What Factors Enhances the Value of Cryptocurrency?


The high volatility of cryptocurrencies is one thing we can count on. There have been a few people who invested in cryptocurrencies and became millionaires. On the other hand, there have also been some people who lost their money. It is difficult to predict when the values of cryptocurrencies will rise owing to the absence of a centralised regulating authority and a tangible product as well. We will discuss what affects cryptocurrency value and how cryptocurrencies increase in value. If you are wondering about Bitcoin, here are some reasons to make your Bitcoin investment right now.

How Would Anyone Define Cryptocurrency?

The most basic definition of cryptocurrency is that it is a digital asset. It was created to serve as a means of trade, much like fiat cash, which is why it is termed a currency. All of the transactions take place online and are recorded on a blockchain. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions, display each one, and establishes the ownership of each one. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralised, they provide a number of amazing benefits including no processing charges, fewer rules, and less government control.

How Does Cryptocurrency Value Go up?

Demand And Supply

The mining of new coins and the willingness of existing coin holders to sell their holdings determine the supply. But other factors affect the demand.

One reason is that a cryptocurrency’s utility raised the demand for it. In other words, if companies start using the blockchain network and adopting the native coin, the demand for that specific cryptocurrency will increase. This is because smart contracts are available on the blockchain, transactions on the network happen quickly, and fees are minimal. Aside from that, the demand for cryptocurrencies has grown since they are viewed as a store of value investment.

So, to answer the question of how cryptocurrencies increase in value, their value is determined by the supply and demand aspects outlined above. The fluctuating supply and demand also have an impact on the price of cryptocurrencies.

Internal Control

The internal governance of the coin also affects a cryptocurrency’s value in addition to supply and demand. Crypto networks, however, don’t follow a rigid set of guidelines. The projects are created depending on the purposes that the community has for them.

Some tokens include the ability to vote on the project’s future, including how it is utilised and mined. These tokens are referred to as governance tokens. Stakeholders must reach an agreement on the modifications that the governance of a token must undergo.

A proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, for instance, is being implemented on Ethereum’s blockchain in place of the previous proof-of-work consensus algorithm. The value of Ether will be impacted by this improvement, which will substitute low-energy staking for the usage of costly mining equipment and hardware.

Investors undoubtedly seek currencies with solid governance. In reality, stable governance that is difficult to change affects pricing, i.e. maintains prices steady. On the other hand, a delayed software update procedure may reduce a coin’s value. A lengthy update, though, might be detrimental.


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, and new ones are introduced every week. This demonstrates that the barrier to entry is quite low for new participants, but that building a trustworthy cryptocurrency and a supportive community is the true issue. If the blockchain is effective, a community might emerge very rapidly, especially if it solves the drawbacks of rival currencies.


We addressed the issues of how cryptocurrencies increase in value in this blog, and just to recap, demand and supply, internal management, and competition with other coins are some of the major elements that determine a cryptocurrency’s value.

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