What Expertise Does Magento Development Require and How Much Does It Cost?


Apparently, the answer to the above question can only be provided with the knowledge of the exact functionality of each project. Magneto is a complex software that requires in-depth knowledge and serious expertise to program. The cost of the software is one of the most complex decision considerations in the choice, so let’s first talk about it.

In this article, we will focus on why Magneto programming is more complex, complicated and expensive than other solutions available online and the magnitude of the cost difference.

Code complexity

When we talk about developing a complex system, it is most often affected by the technology’s complexity and challenges. Design and development fees can range from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in the web software development marketplace. Each software has a realistic market pricing, the extent of which depends on the hourly rate, skills, programming language, framework, support services, the challenges in the development methodology, or even the planning and implementation methodology.

When it comes to the star of the show, the Magneto – especially part 2 – is one of the leading open-source portal technologies currently available on the market, and needs the highest level of programming expertise. The reason behind such occurrence obviously lies in the functional richness and robust nature of the system. Among all the other things, Magneto: 

  • It depends on a high-level OOP (object-oriented) development approach, which is the college of PHP programming, requiring work in a very abstract framework. 
  • It works on an advanced EAV data model, requiring more substantial SQL experience than regular complex data query processes, optimization and migration scripts.
  • The modules’ front-end output needs native javascript programming language to implement speed and custom functions. This includes the need to find open source libraries, and JS libraries alone (e.g. jQuery) is not enough for such development. 
  • Additional elements need the experience of Linux and Apache environment, experience in intensive version control development, or documentation and inline documentation practices related to the development. 

The most qualified PHP developers can only find packages, do substantial Magento developments, and beginner or junior programmers can easily break their knives. Obviously, this also impacts the project pricing.

Dedicated Magento developers dive into the website’s code base and look for solutions to boost site speed to promote better user experience (UX) and higher conversion rates. They perform code reviews and eCommerce audits, which are essential site assessments in terms of code quality, security, structure, site speed, and security.

With long-term partnerships, these skilled developers can help businesses create custom solutions to resolve complex, ongoing problems and achieve goals from a technical and business perspective. They can build organizations with everything, from developing entire sites, installing extensions and custom integrations, and creating modules that often require complex programming. 

Not a one man show

This is especially true for the Magneto 1 and 2 series because of the functional complexity of the system. Most often, its efficient and secure development is practically only conceivable in a team. The development of Magneto is not a “one man show”.

Based on the backend development point of view, the Magneto project comprises a wide variety of tasks. In addition to module development in the classical sense, we very often encounter system integration tasks that need different “mindset” and development experiences. The nature of module development is very distinctive, and they build on various development skills: where the need for more complex database operations, where they need more PHP development, as well as simultaneous utilization of many technologies, is unprecedented.

Moreover, system integration tasks also need architect-level knowledge, where webshop platform programming skills are not sufficient. However, you must have experience in the field of integration with enterprise management or CRM systems. 

The Magneto frontend development is also a unique field, which in addition to the traditional HTML/CSS development, needs in-depth javascript development knowledge and in-depth knowledge of Magento’s unique template system. With the rapidly changing technology in recent years, client-side technologies have become programmable, front end development is now moving at the front of design and programming, and Magento is building heavily on these innovations. 

As a rule, e-commerce frontend development should always be performed with clear, semantic coding. Moreover, we also need to make sure that we include a search engine optimized look that provides the same look and feel in all browsers and that the frontend code is clear and has developer comments included. If we want to create a successful Magento project, the frontend developer delivering it must have experience in optimizing web stores for smartphones and tablets, Magento support and maintenance, as well as the behaviour of the user and design features of such devices.  UX design and UI designs are an essential part of a successful e-commerce project, which should be made with in-depth knowledge of Magento. The completed e-commerce store should also be incorporated with training, content support, configuration settings, and these terms require the presence of an e-commerce consultant.

It is absolutely impossible that a single developer can provide you with all the necessary skills for developing an e-commerce store. Magneto development requires a team of programmers. Namely, a team of dedicated Magento systems has years of experience and has adapted development practice to the framework and organizational structure. A more in-depth Magento e-commerce store project cannot be done effectively by a one- or two-person business, or if you undertake it, chances are you don’t know what to give your head to.

This is one of the primary reasons why massive organizations only undertake commercially relevant Magento development projects. The technology itself, the system complexity and the customer side business significance of the delivered project for one- or two-person development partnership that represent a difficult-to-jump entry threshold. 

Organizations hire dedicated Magento developers or agency partners who offer the best solutions based on their business goals. They can help create high-converting landing pages, develop custom extensions, and build critical integrations with payment gateways, ERP software, and other business solutions. 

Moreover, Magneto developers can ensure businesses obtain the latest security updates and patches without interrupting the website. Aside from code and performance audits, skilled developers conduct extensive analysis. They review analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and business goals to ensure they’re all aligned, helping managers make smarter business decisions.

Cost of long – term support

When we develop a web store for any organization, we should understand that it is not enough just to introduce and develop it. However, it also requires maintenance for an extended period. An E-commerce store is meant to make money, so the organization needs to ensure that all its development needs are met. If you take the e-commerce store presence seriously, you will require high availability of system support and development services. 

One person or smaller teams can’t fulfil these services, and companies need to hire a team of professionals for providing such services. What happens if the programmer gets sick or leaves for a vacation when we need it most? For eliminating such issues, companies occasionally book developers, graphics and consulting work. Hence, many companies hire the best dedicated Magneto developers to keep their businesses going and generate more sales without worrying about technical glitches and major security issues.


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