What Do Businesses Forget During an Office Move?

Moving a business office is much more difficult than moving an average household. Many office owners think that it is no hassle to move the office from one place to another. In reality, it takes a lot of guts and effort. We admit that there are some similar steps that can be implemented with both household and office movement, but there are still several administrative planning and protocols which can’t be denied when it comes to the office move. These protocols ensure the security of your business as you store all the vital information on the premises like employee and customer records. 

If you happen to be a business owner, you have to make sure that stick to serious privacy, legal, and monetary issues while moving your office. According to My Moving Estimates, neglecting these aspects can cause you to end up losing a great deal of money over the long haul. Hence, you have to be serious while moving your office, But, how can one be serious and ignore all the potential risks? Well, we are going to demonstrate the things that businesses often forget while moving their offices. Let’s get started. 

1. Hiring a Move Manager

Without having a move manager, you are not likely to make your move as efficient as possible. Be it yourself, or your manager, or some other staff, you must have to make sure that someone is looking after your office move. Even though you have hired movers to mov your office and they have a manager who oversees all the processes, you still have to make sure that you have someone on your side who is looking after all your documents, equipment, furniture, and apparatuses. This verifies that your employees are in compliance and there is no chance of losing your documents at any cost.

2. Pre-planning

If you want your office move to go smoothly, you must have to pre-plan all the things beforehand. It is understandable that you have to do research on the new location that you are moving to, and review the floor plan. This research is essential as you have to ensure that it’s effective for your physical exercise. Additionally, it is likewise important to do your homework on the movers and make sure that the one you choose is a good mover as well as an experienced records manager. As you hire a records manager, you ultimately secure the chain of custody.

3. Avoiding Privacy Risks

Personal information is not the only type of information that we ought to safeguard. Every person at your company has the responsibility to ensure the security of the sensitive data of your organization. There is a lot of personal information interlinked with your company records which are very sensitive. Once this information gets flashed to the public, this may cause severe penalties and loss of goodwill for your company. For instance, you can think about customer and patient records. You have to protect this information under FACTA and HIPAA laws. This information is interlinked with the personal information of your customers and if you fail to keep their information protected, you will face a massive loss for your company. Losing this information can make you face a battle of wits as your customers have the right to file a case against you regarding identity theft. So, be careful.

4. Not Caring About The Downtime

Every business has a certain amount of downtime between the removal of the old location and the installation of the new one. This certain amount of time depends on the size of your business, however. It is imperative to pre-plan with your customers and employees ahead of the downtime. You have to move your goods but you still have to keep your business on the go while all the records are in transit. Determining how you are going to optimize your business during it is offline is your responsibility. An enough scheduled downtime is essential for both your company and employees. There are a lot of possible bumps that may lie ahead in the road. 

Hiring the Wrong Mover

When it comes to hiring office moving companies, you are likely to find two types of them. One will either open the door to privacy and legal risks and another will make sure that they are protected. Now, it totally depends on you whether you take time to research the moving company or not. However, while choosing a moving company, you have to make sure that:

  • The company has precise employee policies regarding office moves. 
  • They make you sure of a secure chain of custody moving procedure. 
  • The employees that work for the company should go through extensive background and drug testing
  • They know the nuts and bolts of privacy laws and regulations. 

While you are moving your office, you will need a great deal of help. Usually, there will be several contractors and individuals interlinked with the process. In case you include too many helping hands into the process, it may produce litigation risks. Hence, you have to ensure that you hire the company which complies with state and federal regulations. It is essential to hire a hybrid moving company that is an expert service provider in moving the records as well. These hybrid moving companies will secure the moving services including your record moving process without having you spend money on additional vendors.


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