What Can the EU Learn From USA’s New Gambling Regulations?

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Gambling is as much a part of human history as the earliest organized civilizations. It turns out, betting on chance or skill is deeply ingrained in us. From the earliest dice, dated to ~3000 BCE, till today, gambling has become more complex and more popular. Today the marketplace is global and the gambling industry is experiencing more rapid growth than it has ever recorded. This growth is mostly thanks to the increased popularity and simplicity of online gambling. This is true in both the European and the US markets. The online gambling market is expected to reach an excess of $97 billion by 2025.

Since gambling hasn’t always been looked upon favorably in all cultures, most modern countries attempt to regulate the industry. Additionally, modern understanding of gambling addiction has seen gambling curtailed in many places. In the past several years the trend appears to be going the other direction in certain markets.

Within the European Union the laws are a patchwork of different regulatory frameworks. Crossing a border in the EU may be simple for a person but casinos and sports books find working cross border much more difficult. Each member of the EU is allowed to regulate its local  casinos and the gambling industry at large, including online gaming. Online casinos are legal, licensed, and regulated in some European countries while online gambling and gambling, in general, are still illegal in few countries around Europe.

In the United States, gambling regulation and licensing has undergone some fundamental changes. While technically legal on a federal level, each state reserves the right to legislate and regulate gambling within its borders. This applies to both the physical and the digital spaces. Gambling is legal in one form or another in the 48 states across the United States. Utah and Hawaii are the two states that still have outright banned gambling due to religious and societal beliefs.

When contrasting the European and US gambling industries, it is obvious there is much the Europeans could learn from their US counterparts.

A Wider Selection of Games 

The most successful gambling markets in the US offer players a wider variety of games. Leading US online casinos are currently changing the way online gambling is viewed in the country. These casinos offer a wider variety of games that are not available in Europe. For example, these casinos present players with the opportunity to play innovative new games that are based on popular sports in the US.

One of these new games is one called Baseball Blackjack. This competitive game allows players to pit their skills against the chance of a draw. The compelling gameplay is enhanced with a strong visual demonstration of a draw taking place on the baseball pitch. There is a strong appeal of sports betting in the US, and market leaders are always looking for new ways to present this to their customers.

Players in the US, like others globally, are constantly looking for a wider selection of games and novelty is a huge factor in what they desire. Customers are interested in games of high quality in their visuals and their payouts. Many of these players play live casino games, such as poker or roulette with a real dealer in real-time. Despite being the birthplace of many classic casino games, it is time for the European gambling industry to take inspiration from the US markets. European casino designers should look to their cultures of sport to develop the next generation of casino games.

Responsible Gambling

If there’s one thing the United States has put its mind on, it is in making sure Americans gamble responsibly. This is largely shown in regulations, policies, and laws. This applies to all aspects of the gambling industry; online and land-based casinos.

The responsible gambling industry ensures that markets are licensed, regulated, and fair. Casinos in the US demonstrate they care that their players are socially responsible; providing players information about safe gambling and giving them the tools to help them stay in control of their gaming.

Excellent Customer Service

In almost every sector, the United States has the best customer services in the world, the gambling industry is no exception. The support service accorded to players in the US is second to none, as they have access to both online and offline customer service support.

Reputable gambling markets in the US provide a range of communication options for contacting their customer services representatives such as email and live chat. American casinos often provide phone numbers as part of their regular customer service options, thus allowing customers to speak to an actual human being. Many European gambling markets forget how effective a human customer support representative can be in easing tensions. Also, in this age of remote work and contactless commerce it can be refreshing to have an actual human to speak with.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the US has charted a new course to stimulate its offline and online casino industries. This does not mean that there are not some exquisite and reputable offline and online gambling markets in Europe. It simply means that Europe has some catching up to do in its regulatory frameworks in order to see greater industry growth. Regardless of the locale, the future of casino gambling and sports betting seems to be brighter than ever before.

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