What Can Online Exam Solutions Offer to Your Institute?

Educational institutes are responsible for upskilling, educating, and certifying the workforce. As opposed to universities and colleges, institutes typically award job-oriented certificates. But to manage an institute is no small undertaking.

There are a lot of things to consider, which include conducting exams regularly. But your institute can ease some of the workloads by making use of online exam solutions. Let’s explore the main benefits such systems offer.

Conduct Exams Remotely

In these unprecedented times when COVID-19 is wreaking havoc worldwide, the government is imposing restrictions and lockdowns to curb the highly infectious virus. Schools and colleges are advised to conduct classes remotely. Private institutes can also take their classes online and conduct exams over the internet.

Cloud-based online exam solutions are like plug-and-play devices. Just pay for the service, and you’re good to go. No need to invest time and money. By conducting an exam online, you can ensure that you’re assessing students in the right way, even when they’re at home. This trend of online education and examination is likely to continue for months. So now is the right time to invest in an online exam system like Janison.

Publish Results Faster

With online examination systems, you can quickly go through the answers and publish results faster. This is because you provide both the questions and the answers to the system. The questions are displayed to the students, while the corresponding correct answer remains in the backend. When the examination is over, you can ask the system to check if a student has correctly answered the questions. Based on this approach, you can evaluate and publish results faster.

Not only faster, but also in a cost-effective way. Since you don’t need people to go through the answers submitted and the computers will not ask for a salary, you don’t have to invest anything besides purchasing the system. You can use the savings in enhancing the quality of the education or assessment, instead.

Accurate Evaluation and Resolution

One of the problems that evaluators face when checking exam papers is maintaining a high level of accuracy. It’s not uncommon for them. In the case of manual checking, there are chances of different types of errors, as explained in this research article. Those are procedural error, attention error, inferential error, and definitional uncertainty. An inaccurate evaluation also has huge implications.

But with online assessment, there is no scope for errors because computers are better than humans at repetitive tasks. So going through multiple papers all at once isn’t a big issue for them. A few online exam systems like Janison have advanced auto-marking and semi-auto marking features. Therefore, you can control the level of automation you need.

After the evaluation, if a student raises concern about inaccurate markings, you can also solve it faster with the online system.

Security and Accountability

When conducting examinations, you also need to make sure that the papers don’t get leaked. Otherwise, this will defeat the purpose of conducting exams in the first place. Regulatory bodies are also increasingly getting concerned about the question paper leaks.

But with an online exam system, you don’t have to worry about such cases. The questions will only be delivered once the exam starts. Also, since the cloud infrastructure is secured to store the papers, any attempts to leak the paper will fail. This also helps institutes in maintaining accountability to the regulatory body to continue their affiliation.

Cost Saving

With online exam systems, you also save on logistical costs. You don’t have to book an entire hall and arrange the desks. All you have to do is create questions, publish them on to the server, and provide the access link to students. This way, you can also evaluate an unlimited number of students without spending anything on logistics.

When selecting online exam solutions, you should look for an online assessment and online learning suite at the same time. This will allow you to digitize your institute truly.


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