What Are the Top New Betting Sites Available in Various European Countries?

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With the exponential growth in the online gaming industry, numerous betting sites have been established in the past decade. As a source of both entertainment and income, betting and gaming activities have been attracting a lot of attention globally. To a large extent, this massive interest in betting is attributable to the ease of accessing these betting sites, in modern times.

A substantial percentage of the population owns devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. In addition to this, most regions worldwide have access to a stable connection to the internet. These are the fundamental elements required for betting. It is barely much to ask and that is why one in every few people are engrossed in gambling.

With the wide range of betting sites at the disposal of the existing and potential gamblers, it is quite a strain to select one that suits your preferences. On top of this, ascertaining that a recently established betting site is credible may be quite a task. Luckily, sufficient information is available nowadays, which applies to new betting sites in particular.

New Highest Ranking Betting Platforms in Europe

Numerous betting sites are founded in European countries every other day. Among the newly established ones, some have been tested out by gamblers and received reviews and ratings. However, it is worth noting that a player’s opinion is highly reliant on their personal preferences. Even so, below are some of the most popular and ideal new sites:

1. 2KBet

This site was established in 2020 and has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. It already has over five thousand clients, from all over the world, providing them with a conventional sportsbook. Even though a lot of emphases is on live betting, there is also a platform for pre-match gambling. 

On 2KBet, players can wager on a variety of sports. For betting beginners, this platform should be a good place to start. The welcome offer is quite enticing. With a deposit of only 10 pounds, the site offers players a free wager of 30 pounds. Also, when players are gambling, they have a range of markets to select from.

2. 20Bet

Even though 20Bet was founded in 2020 and is still a new player in the market, it already has clients from more than 100 countries, a good portion being European. Every day, more there are over 1000 events on this platform. 20Bet provides odds for its clients, on a broad range of activities, totaling more than 30 sports.

It is quite easy for new players to get started. The required deposit is only 10 Euros. It is important to note that the use of cryptocurrency is supported during transactions. This is quite convenient since, in the contemporary world, digital coins are gradually gaining acceptance as a mode of making and receiving payments.

3. 22Bet

The platform is relatively young but even so, its growth is quite expeditious. With only over three years in the industry, 22Bet has close to half a million online users. This is mainly influenced by the wide variety of sporting events that players can bet on. Basketball, football, boxing, volleyball, Formula 1, and cricket are just a few of the available sports on 22Bet.

With more than 1000 daily events, 22Bet offers a range of markets for gamblers to place wagers. The selection majorly applies to overseas games. On top of this, multiple channels of wiring electronic payments, are available for clients. The mode of payment used for depositing is the same one used for the withdrawal of winnings.

4. FansBet

This platform is a fan-oriented site whose founders are sports enthusiasts. An interesting element about Fansbet is that a substantial portion of its profits is donated to football fans and channeled toward good causes. It is noble that when betting on Fansbet, even though you lose, you are guaranteed that your funds go towards an initiative that is important to you.

This does not imply that clients only bet on football while using this site. Over 200 titles are incorporated into the Fansbet game selection. Fantasy bets, sportsbooks, and casinos are the main constituents of Fansbet. Live casino gambling and in-play gaming are also incorporated on this site. Clients can either use Mastercard or visa to deposit or withdraw funds.

5. Kwiff

As a fairly new betting site, kwiff is a platform that is doing well and quickly gaining popularity. The site can be accessed from both a mobile phone and a desktop. New clients are welcomed with an irresistible offer of 20 pounds after having placed a wager of just 10 pounds. The winnings of this promotional offer are wired to the new client’s account within two days.

6. Mobile wins

Multiple gambling platforms are incorporated on the Mobilewins site. These are; a casino, live casino, sportsbook, and in-play betting. For these options, the site provides a variety of promotions. Promising odds are provided to clients, for a range of sporting markets. Also, the design of the platform is great with an easy-to-navigate interface. 


Unlike several betting sites, Bet UK has betting offers that are available around the clock. There is a broad range of markets for the clients to choose from. Golf, football, and horseracing are just a few of the events that clients can gamble on. Big and highly acclaimed events such as the premier league, are also available for wagering.

8. Fan Team

Among all the daily fantasy sites in Europe, Fan Team is the largest. Some of the sports listed are football, hockey, and baseball. Esports are also available. The services provided by Fan Teams are classified into three distinct categories. These are sportsbooks, matchups, and fantasy sports that are either carried out seasonally or daily.

Before selecting any of the above new betting sites in Europe, be sure to check the variety of sports covered and types of bets. To enhance your betting experience, you should also see to it that the site is compatible with your device and the user interface is trouble-free to maneuver.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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