What Are the Health Benefits of CBG?


Did you know that anxiety affects more than 40 million adults?

There are substances out there like cannabigerol that promise stress and anxiety-relieving effects. But what is it really, and what are the other myriad health benefits of CBG?

Use this guide to learn about this beneficial substance and what it can do for you.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is an interesting substance with vast and varied properties. This guide though will help you to understand what it is, how it differs from CBD, and its many health benefits.

Like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid, which comes from the plant cannabis. When ingested in the right way, it can have health benefits, but it is not psychoactive.


One of the major differences between these remarkably similar substances is their intended effect. CBD has potent capabilities for pain, whereas CBG is traditionally used for focus and other purposes.

Another major difference between CBD vs CBG vs CBN is that CBD requires much less plant matter. It is, therefore, easier and more affordable to produce. CBG, on the other hand, requires an immense amount of plant matter for even a small batch.

These two substances both come from the cannabis plant and both produce similar and overlapping effects. For instance, they both have been known to help with inflammation.

Health Benefits of CBG

CBG has widespread and sprawling benefits for the mind and body. You can see its effects clearly on the following health concerns:

Improve Focus and Attention

If you suffer from brain fog and struggle to pull your mind into a productive place, CBG can help with focus. It can help to keep you alert as a neuroprotectant that stimulates brain cell growth.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Regulate your stress response with this helpful substance. As it prevents the breakdown of your GABA neurotransmitter, the GABA builds up in your body and relaxes you.

Relieve Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CBG is known to have effects on inflammatory responses and inflammation in general. This means that it is useful in the treatment of side effects surrounding inflammatory bowel disease.

Treat Huntington’s Disease

CBG has promising benefits for those who suffer from Huntington’s Disease. Doctors have seen CBG reduce inflammation in these cases and therefore helps to stabilize the condition’s side effects.

Avoid Psychoactive Qualities

Psychoactive qualities are the elements of the cannabis plant that give you a “high.” Without these qualities, users can experience the other beneficial elements of the plant without getting high.

Health Benefits: What is CBG Used For?

There are many CBG uses that can improve your health, treat the side effects of other conditions, and even manage stress and help with productivity.

Without psychoactive qualities, it allows you to experience the health benefits without the usual “high” of cannabis.

Learn more about the health benefits of CBG in the health and wellness section of our blog.

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