What are the Different Non-Profit Organizations Accepting Cryptocurrency?

Non-Profit Organizations Accepting Cryptocurrency

You must remember the early days of bitcoin when transactions were started with it here and there. At the time this non-profit organization known only for classified media publications and news leaks announced it was accepting bitcoin donations. The organization banned payment gateways by the US government as financial fuel for a forced operation.

It was pushed in the early days of bitcoin so that it could attract more people to it. People around the world were told that it is a completely secure cryptocurrency with immutability, transparency, and security features that can also be the main financial source. Since then, it has become one of the easiest ways for many non-profits to attract money into cryptocurrency. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the apps and games that allow you to earn free bitcoin.

The main objective of crypto holders is to use it as a tool to make positive changes in the crypto world. If you’re looking to make a positive difference using crypto and aren’t looking for a way, this post will bring you a list of non-profits that accept crypto payments.

Giving Block

Giving Block is a not-for-profit organization that accepts crypto payments of any kind. Whereas, it is fully capable of serving as a listing platform for non-profits that accept crypto donations. When the same crypto market was booming in the year 2018, the IRS treated cryptocurrencies as an asset that can also be taxable. Giving block came as a solution at that time to provide tax benefits to the holders with its help. Along with this, donations of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to non-profit organizations have also been allowed. Donations made directly to any non-profit are not liable to capital gains tax and may be written off on their taxes.

With the Giving Block, crypto has become a solution by providing a platform to raise donations. Plus, it makes it easier for many crypto donors to receive tax benefits and donate crypto to the platform. Donations can be made to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gemini Dollar, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash and Basic Attention Tokens through the Giving Block. Giving Block helps you completely stay anonymous while donating. And also sends you the tax receipt by email.

Free Software Foundation

Digital privacy has become a hot topic for everyone now, and just like TOR, the purpose of all software is to protect your privacy by accepting crypto donations. You can also easily peruse the list of TOR and all other projects listed on the Giving Block. The purpose of the Free Software Foundation is to provide users with the importance of privacy by allowing users to study, run, improve, copy, modify and distribute the software. He resumed in 1985 to support the FSF’s free software movement. Since then, the goal has been to keep supporting “free software”, and they first started accepting bitcoin donations in 2011, also adding Litecoin to the list. Now if you want to donate bitcoin or litecoin, you can use their donation page, but when you transfer the donation, you do not get any receipt from the address.

The Bottom Line

All these non-profit organizations that accept crypto donations are different, as, in this topic, we told you that giving a portion of the crypto you earn to non-profits is a great way to make a positive difference in the world. Also, non-profit organizations help as the best way to get attention in the crypto world. For positive change, it is your job to choose one or more organizations from the list to give your share of crypto earnings.

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