What Are The Best Internships For High School Students?

High School Students

An internship is an introduction to a professional line of work through job experience. It is sometimes paid, though generally at the lower end of the price range, and at other times it is unpaid. An intern’s purpose is to gain information and expertise in a particular field. For example, if you want to intern in the finance sector, you will need the best finance homework help.

Here, we examine a few of the best internship opportunities available for high school students. Though some of these internships are open to students globally, others are location-specific. However, as you look through this list, note that the best internship for you would be one that aligns with your academic pursuits and potential career objectives.

Below are a few of the best internship programs for high school students:

1. Student Leaders Program at Bank of America

The Student leaders program at Bank of America is a prolific one, especially for accounting students. Here, 225 community-minded juniors and seniors are linked with funded summer internships at municipal charitable organizations through the Student Leaders Program. A top leadership meeting is also held in Washington, D.C, for carefully chosen interns.

This internship will be a good match for you if you’re a leader who desires to improve your society.  Applications are usually accepted in the fall preceding summer. And, to get accepted, an instructor, advisor, or administrator from your school will need to write you a letter of recommendation.

2. Unemployed Youth Internship Program Globally

Due to the exponential increase in unemployment rate, the Legacy Alcoa Foundation established a special internship program to assist youths in gaining technical skills needed to enter the labor force. 

The Global Internship Program for Unemployed Youth assists students in finding non-profit organizations in the industrial sector. These non-profit organizations specialize in impacting youths with the relevant skills in preparation for a successful career. You can key into this internship opportunity as a high school student and learn many things that will help you in and out of school.

3. The Internship with Expanding Horizons 

The Expanding Horizons Internship, sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, gives first-generation and college-bound high schoolers a life-changing opportunity. This gives them room for talent development and personal growth that equips individuals for university, professional life, and civic participation.

The EHI program kicks off in the spring with engaging workshops. It culminates in a funded summer internship at a prestigious law firm, corporate entity, government body, or non-profit institution. As a high school student, you stand to benefit a lot from interning with Expanding Horizons.

4. Summer Internship at the Stanford Compression Forum 

Interns at the Stanford Compression Forum have the opportunity to work on research projects over the summer with the help of Stanford Compression Forum students, faculty, and staff. The sciences of information and communication, architecture, literature, physiology, finance, computer programming, biotechnology, philosophy, and fashion are some of the amazing project subjects.

To get an internship placement at the Stanford Compression Forum, you must visit the website and read through the requirements. That way, you can ensure full compliance, which gives your application an edge over others.

5. Engaging In Projects with Other Countries

Do you know you can work with countries on specific projects as a high school student? Yes, you can surf the internet for major projects on capacity building, human rights, climate change, and other budding areas of global interest. You can also apply to these countries as a virtual intern. That way, you can work with them on these projects from the comfort of your home.

Any internship will enhance your career at various levels, but some will have a greater impact than others. For instance, a prospective university will value a student with a high-profile interning with top firms and organizations on different projects. Likewise, the more commitment and leadership skills a high school student shows as an intern, the higher the chance of capturing the attention of the admissions department of any university of their choice.


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