What are Shipping Labels and How Can You Create One?

Shipping labels

Shipping Labels are known as the tiny stickers used in the eCommerce industry for packaging purposes. But these labels play an important role in inbound as well as outbound logistics. These labels are known to be vital for any online store’s success and can gain customer satisfaction. Shipping Labels generally share important information related to your supply chain as well as technology. With shipping labels, people can understand the origin as well as the destination of the package. In the absence of shipping labels, the orders can get mishandled and hence can end up in a poor customer experience. It can also damage your brand quality and lose sales. Here we are going to talk about the detailed information regarding shipping labels. 

What is a Shipping Label? 

A shipping label is known as the identification sticker that helps to specify and describe the content inside the package. These shipping labels generally differ according to the courier that you use. Most of the shipping labels consist of name, address, tracking barcode, and weight. 

How to read the shipping label? 

Shipping labels generally consist of the basic information about the package such as Origin address, return address, destination address, package weight, shipping class, and electronic tracking number along with the bar code. This information is known to be critical to get your customer’s orders quickly. It is also useful when your online store uses more than one shipping option to deliver the packages. The origin address and return address are known to be the important sections of the shipping label. 

How to create the shipping label? 

Let’s understand how to create the shipping label. If you own an online store and fulfilling the orders on your own then you can use several apps or websites that help to process and create the shipping labels for your packages. You can also get associated with shipping partners wherein you will simply pay for shipping and the partner will take care of the purchase, packaging supplies, and generation of the shipping label on your behalf. Generating shipping labels is known to be a free process but you would need to pay for the package to ship it. Most of the shipping carriers offer online services to generate shipping labels from home. Some of the most useful tools that most shipping carriers offer are USPS: Click N Ship, FedEx: Fed Ex Ship Manager Lite, UPS: Create a shipment, and DHL: MY DHL Express. You can simply insert the dimensions, weight, shipping address, shipping class, and your shipping carrier will take care of generating the barcode.

You can also use the shipping label software to download the carrier’s shipping label template and fill out the label locally at any computer. This will help to customize the process and let you work offline. 

With the Automatic shipping tool, you can aggregate the order information automatically at various platforms as well as carriers to fill out the forms quickly. The right shipping tool will help you to connect with your store directly and retrieve the required information to create the shipping label. This way you will be able to create the label incorrect template automatically. The automatic shipping tool can save a lot of your time if you are processing the orders in bulk. You would need to consider a few things while getting the automatic shipping tool such as which platform you are selling the products through, How many orders you can take every month, and where you can ship the orders. 

How can you handwrite the shipping label? 

You can easily handwrite the shipping address but you will need the carrier barcode. Here the carrier will generate the bar code. Handwriting the shipping addresses can be a time-consuming task if you are fulfilling the orders in bulk. Hence it is always better to use various online tools to make the process more efficient and easier. You can easily generate and print the labels by using various online tools. Generating shipping labels through UPS is free but you need to pay for the postages as well as additional services.     


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