What are CPA Networks and How do They Work?

CPA Networks

Subtypes of CPA depending on the target action

There are many ways to promote your own products on the Internet. And this comprises not only contextual or targeted advertising. You can publish your ads in various groups, blogs, channels. Independent search for advertisers is a lengthy and not always successful process. And if you manage to find customers, it takes a lot of time to negotiate, sign contracts. Therefore, CPA networks come to the rescue here.

СРА network is an Internet platform that is an intermediary between affiliate marketers and advertisers. With the help of these partner sites, advertisers offer their products and services, and affiliate marketers attract customers by advertising products/services of a partner company. CPA networks take a commission from the advertiser for various targeted user actions. Depending on the target action, the following subspecies of CPA are distinguished:

  • Cost Per Sale (or Pay Per Sale) is a payment scheme for a purchase made on the site. Such actions are considered to be any actions in which the user indicated the relevant information, transferred an advance or full payment to the seller’s account. If the user canceled or returned the order, this action does not count.
  • Cost-Per-Lead is a payment scheme where you pay for leads. A lead is any user’s contact information that they leave in the form: application, registration, questionnaire. CPL allows you to attract both “cold” and “warm” leads.
  • Cost-Per-Visit is a payment scheme where you pay for the amount of times a user visits your site. This refers to payment for visiting an Internet resource, and not for clicking on an advertising offer.
  • Cost-Per-Install is a payment scheme where you pay for each install or download of your application. This subtype of CPA is attractive because the advertiser pays only for real conversions, which allows you to spend your budget more efficiently. 
  • Call-tracking is a payment scheme where you pay for calls. The technology allows you to change the advertiser’s number on the site and thus track the source of the call from the advertising campaign. Therefore, it immediately becomes clear which affiliate marketer the client came from and which advertising campaign is more effective.

What functions does the CPA network perform?

With the help of CPA networks, advertisers and affiliate marketers can save a lot of time looking for each other. The platforms are designed in such a way that the interaction is as effective as possible for each party. Moreover, affiliate marketers can work with several customers at once through CPA platforms. And in case of any questions, they contact their personal CPA network manager.

Other functions of CPA networks include:

  • creation of advertising pages to attract affiliate marketers and advertisers;
  • attraction of affiliate marketers and advertisers;
  • accounting of click-through cases, targeted actions, analysis of advertising effectiveness;
  • analysis of vendors’ work: weeding out unscrupulous agents and finding the most responsible ones;
  • determining the appropriate payment type for advertisers;
  • if necessary, preparation of advertising creatives.

CPA network tools

СРА affiliate programs decide on their own which methods to use in their work. Therefore, the set of tools for each network may be different. But it is obvious that some of the functions performed by CPA networks may be identical to those that you do yourself. So such a platform can greatly facilitate your work.

Affiliate programs may provide the following tools to attract customers: remarketing; offer recommendation service; promo codes and discounts; generation of banners and ads based on XML feed; tracking of abandoned carts to return visitors via email; chat agents.

Let us take a closer look at, for example, what the CPA networks remarketing tool means. This is an advertising setup for returning customers. If a customer visits your site, but for some reason closes it and does not buy anything, using the remarketing mechanism, you can drive them back to the site from other resources. This happens often, because a user’s first visit to the site does not always end in success.

CPA network benefits

If you are a customer, CPA networks allow you to get guaranteed traffic and payment for targeted user actions. You just need to place your offer, and then pay a commission to affiliate marketers and the platform for the service. Setting up advertising campaigns on your own may not work and you may lose your budget. Therefore, you should trust professionals – affiliate marketers who can attract targeted traffic to your site.

It is a mistake to think that a product in the CPA network commodity immediately attracts a large number of orders. In fact, there is a lot of competition in CPA networks, so an affiliate marketer must be able to effectively set up advertising campaigns. And CPA networks actively contribute to this.

Thanks to CPA networks, the advertiser significantly increases the number of advertising channels. And they can also focus on other, more important tasks, while affiliate marketers pour traffic to their web resources.

Affiliate marketers in the CPA network will have to work and invest a little more than advertisers. But still, this type of cooperation is much more convenient than working directly. Agents do not need to negotiate with customers, as all this is the responsibility of the affiliate network. But having concluded a deal with an advertiser on CPA platforms, the affiliate marketer receives long-term cooperation and a guarantee of payments.

CPA networks are right for you if:

  • you have a working funnel that has passed the test;
  • you work in a wide niche;
  • you often need traffic (or for every day).

With more and more people becoming interested in affiliate marketing, CPA networks are also gaining popularity. They use different tools for work and offer different options for cooperation. So affiliate marketers and advertisers always have plenty to choose from. To choose the right network, always carefully read their offers and reviews.


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