What Are Automatic Pre Roll Machines?

Pre Roll Machine

If you own a dispensary business or a smoke shop, you probably know how challenging filling the cones by hand is. Not only that, but it is also tedious and time-consuming. If you are looking for a way to save yourself the trouble and speed up the process, we’ve got a solution. 

Automated systems have made the whole ordeal much more manageable, simultaneously creating fewer possibilities for contamination. That’s why so many people in this field have decided to trust automatic pre-roll machines. But what exactly do they do? We’ll answer the question in this article and cover some additional key points.

Automatic Pre-Roll Machines: Basic Info

In case you haven’t had the chance to familiarise yourself with automatic pre-roll machines, here’s what you need to know. An automatic pre roll machine has dedicated slots for cones that you can fill. It also comes with a place where you can put your chosen herb, filling up the cones evenly and perfectly every single time. Depending on the machine, there are two basic types of cone filling — the first injects the cones with weed, while the second uses gravity and vibrations to its advantage.

Pros and Cons of Using an Automatic Pre-Roll Machine

You should consider plenty of things when deciding on an automatic pre-roll machine for your purposes, whether for personal use, a smoke shop, or a dispensary. If you’re running a business or a shop, we suggest opting for this machine when filling by hand is no longer possible.

Investing in this technology is a feat that will surely pay off in the long term. So, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of such machines.


Here are some advantages that will surely persuade you to opt for this product.

  • Labour cost — It might be a touchy subject, but these machines decrease labour costs. Look at it this way — How many people would you hire to fill up around 140 cones in a minute? You would need a lot of staff, meaning you would be losing money from the start. Some machines need less than a minute to fill up that many cones. You can have your employees do other business-related things and let the machine perform the physical part of the job.
  • Consistency — One more thing that machines can promise is consistency. This is also when you should consider the quality of the equipment you’re purchasing. Make sure to check the machine’s fill rate and whether it’s fluctuating. It is important to build your brand’s image on consistent and quality pre-rolls to keep customers coming back.


We couldn’t think of many disadvantages when considering an automatic pre-roll machine. One thing that could be problematic is the price. However, consider it an investment that would eventually pay off. These machines do a lot to save you and your business time, meaning you can expect a positive return. You can even opt for investors, which you can learn more about here.

How to Choose the Best Machine

If our pros and cons section has persuaded you to invest in such a machine, you should now know what to look for in one. 

So, before you spend your hard-earned money, here are some tips to consider:

  • Technology — Each manufacturer uses different systems and processors to operate and maintain their machines. So, make sure you check out the specs before you make a purchase.
  • Life cycle — Study the materials used in the construction of the machines to determine their life cycle. Some materials require less regular maintenance.
  • Daily capacity — If you require a high volume of products daily or weekly, you should also check the machine’s capacity. Some produce around 3,000 cones daily, while others go as high as 25,000.

If you want to triumph over the competition, you now have all the necessary information.


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