Welcome to Utility Warehouse (UW)

Over the past 20 years, the multi-award-winning company has developed people-focused utility bundles and Partner opportunities.

As the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, Utility Warehouse (UW) bundles customers’ home services into a single, great value monthly bill so they don’t have to worry about juggling multiple passwords, suppliers, and price comparisons. Instead, they can simply get on with the things they care about most. Though there are lots of utility providers in the UK, UW stands out from the crowd because of its original multiservice approach, money-saving benefits, innovative distribution model and green credentials.

How UW helps customers to save

UW customers can bundle together their gas, electricity, broadband, landline, mobile services, home insurance, and boiler care in order to cut costs and save time. The more services a customer takes, the bigger their overall saving. Plus, UW offers up to £200 to cover early termination fees for customers who are leaving their current provider to take out UW’s landline, broadband, and mobile phone services.

But it’s not all about bundling home services to reduce bills. The FTSE 250 multiservice provider also helps customers save money with its cashback card, which enables shoppers to claim as much as 7% cashback when shopping at UW’s high street retailer partners and up to 1% everywhere else they shop. These retailers include Sainsbury’s, Primark, Halfords, and M&S, amongst others. Customers can load money onto their cards online or via the app, and then earn cashback on their everyday shopping. At the end of each month, UW automatically takes these cashback savings off their home services bill.

How UW helps Partners to earn

UW doesn’t just support its customers – the multiservice company also helps self-motivated individuals to become their own bosses by taking advantage of the exclusive Partner opportunity. To date, 45,000 people have joined the Partner network, recommending UW’s products and services to friends, family, and people they know to earn financial rewards every month. Partners earn an up front commission when someone they sign up becomes a customer, and continue to earn a monthly commission for as long as those people remain UW customers. There are also a number of incentives that Partners can qualify for, including seasonal hampers, holidays, and subsidised car leases.

Anyone over 18 in the UK can become an Authorised UW Partner. Once signed up, they can earn money in their own time and on their own terms to realise their goals. Whether they need to pay off a credit card, fund their children’s education, or build a retirement nest egg, UW’s Partner opportunity is ideal for those who’d benefit from an additional stream of income. UW provides Partners with everything they need to start earning, from training to support from an established member of the network.

While some Partners earn a full-time salary, others use the opportunity as a side-hustle to generate a regular, supplementary income. Either way, Partners set their own hours to fit around their other work and family commitments. UW’s Partner base is now growing rapidly, and in recent months has given many people who’ve been furloughed or been made redundant, a chance to top up or replace lost income. Instead of spending on advertising campaigns, UW attracts customers through word-of-mouth recommendations from its Partners. To date, UW has developed a 650,000-strong customer base. These customers come from all walks of life, from stay-at-home parents and carers to military personnel, teachers, and small-business owners.

How UW supports the environment

UW’s customer benefits stretch beyond money-saving incentives to a range of green initiatives that tackle environmental issues and make it easy for customers to do their bit for the planet. These initiatives include the following:

  1. Green tariffs – new customers who switch all their services to UW get 100% renewable electricity.
  2. Free LED light bulbs and fittings for customers who take all of UW’s services. This is typically worth £300–£500 and the energy-efficient bulbs can then reduce their electricity bills by a further 15%.
  3. Advanced smart meters which automatically send readings to UW, so customers don’t have to read their meters themselves or worry about estimated bills. Forest Carbon explains that UW customers can collectively save around 24,960 tonnes of CO2 every year by using smart meters.
  4. The UW Foundation, which supports green charities that share UW’s environmental priorities. The UW Foundation works with Charities Trust to fund the following key green initiatives:
  • Funding the planting of a new tree for every customer who switches all their home services to UW. The company plans to support the planting of 100,000 trees in the Brecon Beacons by the end of March 2021 which should absorb around 20,000 tonnes of CO2.
  • The UW Foundation matches every pound raised for Plastic Oceans UK the charity that UW Partners voted to support in 2020 – to double the funding for community education programmes around plastic pollution. These programmes raise awareness of the danger plastic can cause in rivers and oceans. The UW Foundation also matches every pound raised for local charities or charitable causes that further the Foundation’s aims in London, Bolton, and Bournemouth, where UW has offices.

UW’s long-standing reputation

UW is widely recommended, both among customers and established consumer organisations such as Which?, USwitch, MoneyFacts, and Defaqto. In particular, UW currently holds the Which? Utilities Brand of the Year 2020 award and is a Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband and Mobile Services. This year, USwitch has also recognised UW for its Best Energy Saving Support. This amazing level of recognition shows UW’s dedication to managing its customers’ utilities, offering five-star customer service, and providing fantastic value for money.

UW is fully regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Read more about UW’s multiservice approach, Partner opportunity, and green initiatives at uw.co.uk.


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