Web3 & Digital Art — Create Your Own NFT Project From Scratch


Now, NFT is a 100% lucrative digital asset. Experienced financiers will hardly deny the potentialof this technology. This innovation interests thousands of enthusiasts in the US, EU, China, and other developed countries. It’s about artists, gamers, musicians, and other creative people. Each has its own initial capital — from $100 to $100,000.

Everyone who wants to tokenize their asset, first of all, takes into account the transaction costs. With 15% margins, it is unlikely to keep profitability at the desired level. The average tariff on Binance Smart Chain, the most popular platform, is 0.01 EUR. But there are other solutions. Other alternatives of BakerySwap are Tezos, Flow, Wax, and Avalanche. The owners of such platforms offer flexible conditions. Let’s understand the general prospects of the most popular projects and NFT.

Investment Ideas 2022

In the era of digital technology, people’s vision for art is changing. Collectors are interested in more than antiques or paintings. Thousands of enthusiasts prefer gaming experiences, skins, avatars, and other digital products. That’s why the BTC ecosystem has grown from $250 million in 2020 to over $2 billion in 2021. Of course, this is impressive. If people want to invest in NFTs, they should consider the following options:

Showbusiness NFTs allow musicians and producers to define specific terms and conditions in smart contracts. It’s about sharing and granting access to certain events, merch, music, etc. So, creative people keep connections with fans and determine revenue.
Developers Leading teams like Stepico deploy the Metaverse. NFT is the crucial link in such an ecosystem. Turning to the Blockchain game development company, marketers can deliver the most visualized experience. Moreover, NFT allows brand owners to make it continuous. So, the growth in profits for this area is undeniable.
Collectors Each NFT token includes data about the owner of the asset. All transactions are transparent, and any manipulations regarding the purchase and sale are excluded. That’s why collectors are increasingly investing in digital art.

NFT Content Development — Top 3 Websites To Run Your Own Project

While the NFT trend skyrocketed in 2021, digital assets have been around on the Ethereum network. The first global product was the CryptoPunks of 10,000 monkeys created by AI-based algorithms. Since then, celebrities have bought 500+ NFT avatars using the following sites:

  1. OpenSea. The largest NFT marketplace has a $2 billion to $3 billion monthly volume. People can find the most famous auctions on this platform, such as crypto punks and kitties. Their cost is 2.5%.
  2. Binance. It’s a platform for designers and creatives. Since Blockchain and Web3.0 have begun to come together, there is a great opportunity to see how NFTs continue to grow in this area. Now, in the iGaming industry, VR and AR technologies are the backbone of Binance marketing. 
  3. Axie Marketplace. Brand owners work closely with global companies. Most developers are focusing on smart contracts and continuous virtual experiences. The owners of brands such as Nike, Facebook, and Coca-Cola have been quite successful in this regard.

Key Takeaway

Using BTC tools is the most effective way to help artists, designers, auctioneers, and art buyers sell and distribute content. This also applies to startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Ethereum is by far the most famous Blockchain for creating NFTs. Due to its popularity, transaction costs can be high, averaging between €25 and €50 per transaction you make. But beginners should not be upset about the price because they can find dozens of alternatives.

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