Ways to Turn Your House Into a Home


When it comes to turning a house into a cosy home, you need to see the bigger picture and dig a bit deeper. Finding the right design that reflects your personality and making it functional as well can be a daunting task. There are many elements to consider – from working out what colours work best in different rooms, which furniture pieces fit best and what lighting options are the most suitable.

This is where interior design tricks and tips can help, so whether you’re renovating your entire house, or just sprucing up its segments, these helpful decorating ideas are not to be missed.

Make it your own

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is your home, so you can’t really do it wrong. It’s just a matter of perspective. You are in control and it’s your decision how you’re going to take the latest trends and translate them to your own house. Do your research but make sure you always put your own personal touch to make it special. Install your favourite artwork with professional picture hanging or find furniture that matches your taste. That is how your house begins to feel like home. This is where you spend most of your time, so it needs to make you feel good and the space needs to reflect your personality.

Pick your colour palette

Even if you love vibrant colours, experts’ advice is to pick a palette that works for all the people who live in your home and then enhance them using the natural light and your home’s location. For instance, if you live near the ocean and there’s a beautiful view, accent it using soft blue-green kind tones, beige, sand, and neutral tones, and then add pops of colour. Pick whatever gives you joy because that is the right thing for your home. Celebrate the colour choices that feel right to you regardless of how different they may be from what others like.

Transform old to new

Great furniture is essential for any room as well as proper storage, so many Aussies choose to install built-in wardrobes with hinged wardrobe doors in Sydney to maximize both space and aesthetics. Pick carefully the furniture you want in your room and consider its scale. Many designers recommend larger statement pieces even in smaller rooms because it gives a balance between the big and the small.

Once you’ve got your storage covered with a suitable wardrobe, turn to details such as creating a striking headboard in a bedroom, or upcycling an old sofa. These elements can add a breath of fresh air into your space and give it a unique charm that makes it feel cosy and homey.  

Find inspiration everywhere

Look for inspiration in everything you do and everywhere you go – it could be the internet, magazines, a painting or pottery class you might be taking where you learn about colours and shapes, old catalogues, nature, travel and anything else that may strike your chord.

Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional style, or a blend of things, infuse it with your taste and personality. To achieve this, think of places, rooms, and spaces that you’ve seen that bear meaning to you. Maybe it was your grandmother’s living room that was very old-fashioned and frumpy, but you loved her antique clock and the times you spent there with her. This speaks volumes about who you are. Pay attention to those little things that excite you, and pull from them to design your home as a place where you’ll create new memories.

Pay attention to gathering spaces

As mentioned above, you’ll be creating new memories in your home, so focus on the spaces where people will gather. If that’s the kitchen, it’ll be the place where kids could do their homework while you’re preparing meals or a place where your friends will gather over on the weekend for entertainment. These things add quality to your life so prioritize them. Opt for comfortable, inviting seating in a kitchen, a practical layout and pleasant colours. When a space works, it’s not just pretty: It’s important. That’s how to make a happy home.

Add finishing touches

Once you’ve reached this stage, have fun! Details such as rugs, cushions, lampshades, paintings and plants can all make a great difference, but you can also try taking note from hotels and adding a signature scent to your home. Scents have incredibly transformative power. Just like luxury hotels select a key scent which then becomes associated with that place, do the same for your home. It will engage all the senses and the minute you step through the door, you’ll feel relaxed.

You need to strike that fine balance between making a space look its best while still reflecting your personal style. If you do it well, you’ll have a comfortable, cosy home, but if you do it poorly, the result may seem mismatched and feel unpleasant.  With some careful planning, and by following the tips listed here, you’ll have a great chance of turning your house into a lovely, family home!


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