Ways to Start a Career in Business

Start a Career in Business

When it comes to starting a career in business, the options are many. You have to spend a good amount of time determining what’s best for you before you finalize your career selection. An added advantage is that business occupations can simplify your entry to other domains.

Earning an undergraduate degree in business will open more career opportunities and give you a secure future. Here, we will discuss how to select an appropriate career path in business and how you can boost your work experience to secure a high-level job.

Determine Your Career Path

Depending on your city’s business environment and economical situation, there are hundreds of business specialties available that you can pick wisely. On a broader level, you can choose a career in the following fields.

  • Business Administration

In general, business administration is a wide and dynamic arena that includes hundreds of job titles with different responsibilities. As a business administrator, you need to organize people in different departments of the company as well as the stakeholders.

Most aspirants in the business field start their careers in an administration capacity since there are ample entry-level jobs available. You can search for business-related roles on the job profiles library provided by The Education Group London (TEG).

  • Business Management

If you compare, you will find a lot of differences and similarities between business management and business administration positions. Understanding this can help you make the right decision if you would pursue management or administration roles.

Management focuses more on the authoritative characteristics of executing a business such as a team building, leadership, and discipline. These roles are more focused on personal operations and human resources.

  • Business Accounting

Accounting roles tend to focus on business growth from a financial standpoint. The accounting department gives precise information about the profit and loss and helps the business make informed decisions for the betterment. If you have recently completed your undergraduate business degree with a focus on accounting, this can be a good option.

  • Sales and Marketing

Certainly, the most demanding job profile in all the domains of different industries from e-commerce to travel and banking to technology. While the marketing department focuses more on generating and bringing in more leads, sales are more concerned with closing those leads and converting the prospects into buyers.

Improve Your Skills

If you think that you are a confident and qualified candidate for any particular role in the business field, you must spend time polishing your skills. Invest in skills that are more aligned with the area of interest to hook the HRs to pay more attention to your resume.

To get a focused education in any particular field, there are different ways you can upskill your knowledge.

  • Certifications
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Associate’s Bachelor’s Degree

Training and Apprenticeship

When you have the right skills, knowledge, and experience in any particular business field, leaving the work experience section blank doesn’t make sense. To gain work experience in your area of interest, you can search and apply for different positions with varied capacities and job responsibilities.

Some of the experience-boosting ways that can make you industry-ready via dedicated training include:

  • Volunteering
  • Internship
  • Membership
  • Entrepreneurship

Explore the opportunities that match your skillset to become a business professional. Even if you have to kick-start your career with an entry-level job, go for it. Never miss an opportunity to be interviewed for positions that you feel fit your career expectations in the business field.


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