Ways To Improve Your Memory


Many people today are wondering how to improve memory? Our success at work or while learning a new specialty depends on the ability to memorize large amounts of information. In addition, a person with a good memory tends to be less confused and can do housework faster. Here are some simple tips for the lazy.

1. Walk More Backward To A Front

How to improve your memory? Scientists suggest that the human brain perceives time as a line on a piece of paper. Everything in the past is located behind us, and everything that will be in distress draws in front.

Research has shown that walking backward while memorizing a text can help you remember a little more information. Have you ever seen pupils or students walk back and forth in front of an audience and take notes before an important test? It turns out that scientists have proven that when we move around the terrain, more neural connections are formed in our brain.

2. Try To Draw A Picture

How to improve short-term memory? If you need to remember some information, try to draw a picture on a piece of paper if possible. When children go to school, they are taught arithmetic. If they cannot understand simple principles, then the teachers draw fruits, for example, apples, and ask them to count again. 

A similar principle can be applied to different topics. If you can’t draw objects, then you can draw up a diagram or table. This simplifies the perception of information as much as possible and speeds up memorization.

3. Use An Application To Improve Memory

Today many memory game apps show good results. As a rule, they can be used to create ample storage for storing various information.

Their main advantage is joyful learning. You relax and get a lot of positive emotions.

Practice shows that many of us play mobile games in a traffic jam or queue in a store, at home, sitting on the couch after a hard day at work. How to improve memory? Play those apps that will enhance your memory.

Often it is enough to engage in only half an hour a day, and this will already improve instant recall several times.

4. Do Physical Workouts

Not sure how to improve your memory? When memorizing large amounts of information, try to take short breaks for exercise. You can do a squat or do a simple warm-up. Doing this will help you switch a little, relieve potential stress, and improve blood flow to your brain. In addition, it will allow you to stay healthy and beautiful for a longer time, to keep your figure in good condition.

5. Give Your Mind A Rest

After you finish training or do a lot of work on memorizing information, try to do nothing for half an hour. It is advisable to lie on the bed with your eyes closed (not reading the feed on social networks and not watching videos on the Internet or TV). If your brain does not receive any information, this will allow you to consolidate the result better.

Paradoxical as it may sound, but answering the question, how to improve short-term memory? You need to have a good rest.

6. Maintain An Optimal Balance Of Work And Rest

How to improve memory? The brain is a complex mechanism that, when overheated, begins to malfunction. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day and have adequate rest during lunch so you can relax a bit and catch your breath. Creating structured memory is much easier than you think.


Memory game app is a good solution for those who want to structure memory with minimal financial and time costs and learn to remember information much faster. Among the most effective is memoryOS. Its creators have developed a unique technique that works wonders.

But one mobile application will not give a good result if you do not adhere to the daily routine and do not monitor your diet.


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