Ways to Improve Retention on Your Team

employee retention

Employees are the most valuable asset you have at your organization. But if you don’t do your part to make them feel appreciated, don’t be surprised when they decide to call it quits. Recognizing the hard work, maintaining an open communication line and remaining transparent about where the company is headed are just a few ways to keep your employees happy and your turnover rate low. 

Judy, senior manager at reputed organization and provide summary statement engineers australia says, Managing a team can feel more like managing a revolving door at times. Leaders spend valuable time interviewing and preparing when performance is low, rather than making progress. Attrition is a costly issue for organizations that takes money away from impactful progress, innovation, employee benefits and enjoyable team activities. Smart hiring decisions and satisfying paychecks are not enough to retain the best members of your team.


Give Clear Direction

Leaders often give individual team members direction over responsibilities when they join the team. With time, meetings to discuss priorities, roles and success for busy leaders are moving down on the priority list. Nonetheless, providing regular, clear direction in team meetings as well as in one- – one meetings with team members is important. No clarification on goals and priorities from the leader’s core point of view, team members work in different directions and people are doing repetitive work. Misalignment of priorities and delegation generates animosity among the team. When team members are not clear about their duties and goals, they become frustrated and lose motivation. Team members need clarity and connection to their individual purpose and collective endeavors as remarked by Sunny, an expert providing services like do my java homework. Spend time reviewing team goals and facilitating two-way dialog on priorities and progress in team meetings. Use a white board to set goals, communicate through timelines and assign tasks together. 


Give Positive Acknowledgement

So many leaders lack the basic but powerful practice of appreciation. If days are busy and the job becomes a task in itself, leaders forget that appreciation is what motivates and binds team members. For team members, positive acknowledgment is a form of energy. Jolly a matlab assignment help writer says, Give recognition for both small and large achievements to boost efficiency and provide inspiration. In person or via email, a “thank you” goes a long way in making a team member feel valued and appreciated for their work. Spend time acknowledging wins and milestones during team meetings or one-on – one meetings with team members. Lead by example in giving positive recognition and the team members will also begin to give positive recognition to each other.


Give Opportunities for Development

Leaders often assume that development opportunities and career growth only come with promotion. The best members of the team, however, always look for opportunities to learn, develop skills and gain new experience. It is up to the leader to help team members, even between promotions, in the continuous growth. Special projects make the most enjoyable type 

of learning and development possible. A special project is a project which adds new value to the team while also enabling team members to develop new skills. Is there a project that you’ve put on the back burner for some time? Could you turn over a mission or initiative to a team member? Spend time mentoring through the sharing of expertise, the provision of information and input during and after the project. Ideally, a special project will help a member of the team prepare for the next level of their career by building new skills and knowledge in line with their interests as pointed out by one user on his long tail pro review.

Certain development opportunities include team shadowing sessions where team members can exchange experiences and ideas, educational field trips where team members can immerse themselves in the business context, and courses where team members can gain applicable knowledge and skills. 

Although retention in a fast-paced and competitive business environment is challenging, leaders have the power to retain team members with authentic offers that money can not buy. Saun, technology head at TrumpLearning and provide affiliate marketing courses said, The best leaders are giving clear guidance, constructive recognition and development opportunities. Such activities offer peace of mind, healthy challenge and genuine connection to the team members.


Be Transparent

Transparency is a strategy that is often feared by leaders, but can radically increase retention and employee loyalty when done correctly. Be transparent about how your company succeeds, make clear what can be improved, recognize who has had a direct impact and provide direct data to support the claims.


Avoid Micromanaging 

If you are recruiting talented individuals, micromanage is not necessary. Nick, who offers a finance assignment help says, Allowing employees to take on projects in which they have not previously participated or have no experience allowing for growth and encouraging them to take initiative. I want my organisation’s employees to take risks and try new things. When they excel, then they need to add experience to their resume. When they fail then they’re learning. Anyway it is a win – win!


Build The Right Culture

“Culture” is a word that has become associated with offices with ping-pong tables, slides instead of stairs and free beer on Fridays because of the dot-com era tech firms.

But nowadays culture is about so much more, especially for younger employees, and should reflect the type of business you are running and the industry you are in. It is perfectly sensible in banking to expect people to wear a suit and tie. Nonetheless, in the fashion industry, it seems more fitting to clothe the workers in the new designer clothing. It’s important to create the right culture for the business you run and the type of employees you want to attract.


Offer Flexibility

Through technology allowing employees to access emails and files outside normal office hours, employers are becoming more and more frequent in giving their employees more flexible working hours. Whether it’s having workers work from home once a week, giving them the option to come in and leave later to avoid traffic or drop their children off at school, or giving them full flexibility to work wherever they want, flexible work is a great way to keep top talent in your company.


Act As A Mentor

Some employees just want to come in, do their jobs and at the end of the month to collect their paycheck. Yet some would like to do much more. They may not show it, but some may have dreams of owning their own company one day or moving up to a managerial or managerial role through the ranks. Lucky, an expert from whom students approach to write my essay for me says,Working out what the workers want, and encouraging them to work through their problems and challenges, will not only help them on their path to success, but will also help them prove that they have their best interests in mind.


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