Ways Technology Has Improved Our Quality of Life


Technology has had a lot of impact on how we live our daily life. So many things are possible today that we wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years back. Today, technology has made things much more efficient, not to mention easier. This is because there are so many gadgets and devices out there that simplify everyday activities. For instance, the SmartThings garage door opener saves you the time and energy you’d have spent manually opening and closing your garage door. In this article, we look at some of the ways technology has improved our lives, so let’s start!

Easy Communication

Today you can easily communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. In the past, sending and exchanging messages took days or weeks. However, today you can send messages using your mobile phone, and they will reach people on different continents within seconds. 

Nowadays, mass communication has also become a simple task using emails. You can even set up live videos and reach large audiences in real time. All this has made everything more convenient, efficient, and secure. 

Getting Information Is Almost Effortless

Technology has allowed us to access any information wherever we are as long as there is an internet connectivity. There is hardly any information you cannot find online, and it is always readily available. YouTube, for instance, is one of the largest libraries of information, with millions of videos that touch on almost any topic.   

Additionally, there are also many sources to choose from depending on the type of information. You can even get information from sources written in other languages and quickly translate it into your preferred language.

Shopping Is Easy

Gone are the days when we had to go to shopping malls to purchase anything physically. Instead, we can do that in our living room with just a few taps on our smart devices. Within a few days, we get the package delivered to us. 

You can even order food online and have it brought to our doorstep. 

Payments are also more straightforward as they are electronic, and you get electronic receipts. During the pandemic, this was especially useful in preventing the spread of the virus through touching money and credit cards.  

Growth in the Field of Medicine

In the past, diseases or conditions that required complex treatments were left untreated, as technology had not evolved enough to allow in-depth and quick research. However, many medical procedures are possible thanks to the growth in technology. 

Operations like chemotherapy and organ transplants can now be done. There are also different medications and treatments for most conditions, allowing patients to try out different medicines if one doesn’t work. 

Medical research has also advanced, and nowadays, there are multiple medical research facilities working to find new ways to cure diseases and conditions that were once deemed incurable.  

Education System

The educational sector has also improved courtesy of technology. E-learning is a new trend in education where students can learn via computers. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we turned to E-learning when schools had to close down. 

There are many resources online where students can gain knowledge in the comfort of their homes. YouTube, for instance, is a great learning platform with a lot of variety regardless of what you want to learn. This allows students to watch practicals and visualize concepts. 

Social Presence

Social media is also another significant change brought about by technology. It started slowly, back when we had MySpace and Facebook. However, today there are many social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more. 

Most of these sites have features to enhance the user experience. Some of these features include reels and live streaming, among others. 

In addition, social media lets you know what is happening with your following. These can consist of your friends and family or even your favorite celebrities. Even business owners have jumped on the trend and set up social media accounts for their businesses to get more recognition and a wider audience. 


Thanks to technology, there has been a rise in employment opportunities in the virtual sector, removing the need to look for jobs physically. Freelancers have significantly benefited from technology from online marketplaces like Guru and Upwork. 

Clients can quickly find and get people to do tasks for them. The professionals only need a computer and internet connectivity to do the job, regardless of wherever they are in the world. 

This has made it easy for companies to outsource cheap labor from global markets and reduce running expenditures.


Technology has come a long way, and there is no denying that it has significantly impacted how we live our lives today. Despite a few negatives, such as reduced privacy, most of the impact is positive. There is still a lot more to come as technology advances, and the future might get even more efficient than it is today. 


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