Want More Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship? Go Low-Tech!

Promoting entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a way to revive stagnant economies. Below, Terence Tse and Mark Esposito argue that excessive use of technology can harm our ability to create innovative ideas, and suggest that going low-tech is the way to break out of our creative boundaries.


A New Way of Promoting Entrepreneurship

Promoting entrepreneurship is policy makers’ ‘prized pony’. It’s become one of their favourite undertakings in the last 10 years. And there is no sign that their enthusiasm is abating. If anything, we have observed an increase in the number of encouraging calls for more people to start their own businesses, particularly those that incorporate an innovative twist. There are at least two very good reasons for galvanizing entrepreneurs these days: they have the potential to collectively revive dormant economies, and they could play a large role in alleviating the thorny predicament of high youth unemployment. These issues also happen to be two of the most acute and urgent challenges facing Europe today.

Inspiring people, especially the younger set, to start their own businesses makes a whole lot of sense. Young, aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to propose cutting-edge ideas that could change the world. They also possess the essential energy to push their innovative ideas into new products and new markets. At the same time, they are also creating jobs for themselves and others.

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