Walnut Launches World’s First Sales Experience Platform


The SaaS sales process is no longer about product features or the talent of the sales team. It’s about providing prospects an engaging experience and a valuable, quick, personalized, and consistent sales process.

The Walnut Sales Experience Platform delivers B2B prospects a cohesive experience that helps them better understand how a product meets their needs. From the company side, by tracking the prospect’s journey and collecting interaction data, the Walnut platform provides sales teams with valuable insights on the pains their prospects face and provides insights on how to solve them.

Among other notable features, the new platform enables sales and marketing teams to embed a self-guided product experience on their website, allowing their prospects to discover the product at early stages.

In Addition, Walnut has upgraded its demo management infrastructure, empowering sales teams to scale better and share knowledge.

“Sales teams using our platform breakthrough massive barriers when trying to sell to a new generation of b2b buyers, who expect to be at the center of the transaction,” said Yoav Vilner, CEO of Walnut. “The personalization features and self-guided demos provide B2B buyers with a customer-centric experience. Sales teams can finally create customization at scale. B2B sales are entering a new age, and we are proud to build and pioneer this category.”

The company’s previous release, the Demo Editor that enables sales teams to create customized and interactive product demos code-free, has been significantly upgraded. It now enables sales teams to create demo templates in order to scale their sales process.

Other new releases include collaboration tools for sales teams and prospects, enabling easy knowledge sharing between the seller and buyer as well as internal communication within the buyer’s organization. This can be especially helpful to customer success and post-sales teams, providing them with the information they need to effectively promote upsell opportunities.

“If the entire company gets behind making the sales experience great, customers win and revenue goes up. The Walnut Sales Experience Platform makes every interaction with the customer relevant the first time by allowing sales teams to show, share and optimize interactive product demos that are personalized,” said Paul St. John, former VP WW Sales at GitHub.

“Customers see how the product solves their pain, how they would actually use it, and that helps the sales process go much faster. The platform is revolutionary because it collects data that can be used by the whole company to continue improving its product, branding, marketing, demos and sales cycles. I’m excited to be witnessing this unprecedented era for B2B sales.”

The release comes at an important time for Walnut, which has seen an overwhelming increase in customers, alongside notable clients such as Varonis and Adobe.


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