Wagering Requirements vs Wager

What is Wager

While the wager is just a synonym for the word ‘bet’, it has a different meaning in the context of the casino bonus programs. New users may not understand what the phrase ‘wagering requirements’ means. Read our article to find out all the intricacies of the term.

What is Wager?

Wager or wagering is another word for placing bets. The word ‘wager’ can be implemented by referring to Yukon Gold Casino Canada table games, slot games, live tournaments, or sports bets. We can also call the amount of money spent on the bets for a certain period a wager.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

You may have seen such bright bonus titles like “get your $100 free no deposit bonus”, or “Welcome bonus for new users up to $200%”. It seems engaging, but these bonuses cannot be obtained without compliance with the wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement is a certain number of bets a player must make to withdraw the winnings received with the help of the bonus. Online casinos establish a mandatory withdrawal to exclude significant losses and attract clients.

You can see the wagering requirements in the form of a coefficient like x20 and x50. This indicator must be multiplied by the size of the received bonus to understand the amount that must be invested for a win. For example, if you get a 20$ bonus and the wagering requirement is x20, you will need to spend $400 on playing to get the money you have won with the help of the bonus.

The lower the wager indicator is, the more profitable the bonus is for the player. The terms of withdrawal apply not only to bonus money but also to the main deposit in some online casinos. If the size of the bonus is 100%, it increases the total amount of bets twofold.

total amount of bets twofold

Playback Restrictions

Casino players need to take into account not only the wager and its size but also some other features and restrictions related to the wager requirements:

  • Limits on the size of bets: Some online casinos don’t allow placing high bets.
  • Slots limitations: The wagering requirement is possible on certain slots, as mentioned in the terms and conditions. The club’s administration compiles a list of games you can and can’t play to comply with wagering requirements.
  • Time limit: You should pay attention to the period limitation to wager your bonus. Some online platforms give users 14 days and some only 24 hours.

If a player does not have time to play the received bonuses back, they will lose all the money acquired with the help of the bonus.


The wagering requirement is the coefficient you should multiply to play back the required amount of money. Wagering requirements show how profitable the bonuses will be. That is why you should pay attention to the size of the wager and other terms of the playback.

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