W88TOP is a Leader in Software Development in Thailand

Software Development

W88 TOP Management Company Limited (W88) is a 100% owned subsidiary of MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD. With a foundation of more than 20 years of a largest software corporation in Southeast Asia, nearly 20 years of experience in the field of investment, combined with a staff that is regularly consolidated and perfected, W88has now affirmed its position as one of the leading professional financial investors in the Thai market.

Founded in 2013 with the current charter capital of 100 billion VND, W88 top provides portfolio management services, investment fund establishment and management, investment consulting services for many large software companies. , businesses and individuals have the need to build software in the market.

As a pillar in the investment activities of the entire W88 system, the total assets of W88 Top have grown steadily over the years, reaching more than VND 44,000 billion so far.

With the desire to improve service quality, towards professionalism, to meet the increasing needs of customers, W88 Top has decided to modernize its entertainment software technology system for the period 2015-2016. . W88 Top is a Thai fund management company that soon deployed a professional and international standard investment management software system.


The investment management software (IMS) solution of HPT-Credence Consortium is iDeal, consisting of two main components, iDeal Fund and iDeal RiskMark. iDeal is a multi-currency integrated fund management solution designed to automate the complete investment management activities of financial institutions, mainly Home Funds, Mutual Funds and insurance companies. dangerous. This solution provides an end-to-end portfolio management and transaction processing system. The solution also has a powerful risk management module that checks risk measures and checks internal policy and regulatory exposure. iDeal enables asset management companies to innovate, scale operations and deliver exceptional performance through the powerful features offered in the solution.

The IMS system is capable of communicating with third-party applications such as Bloomberg, Sun accounting, orders to the brokerage system through FIX. The solution suite helps W88 Top optimize portfolio management and comprehensive transaction processing, in order to improve and expand solutions. The powerful and superior risk management module helps Baoviet Fund to have good risk control and mitigation capabilities, increase the efficiency and productivity of business processes, and improve reliability; while minimizing operating costs, simplifying and automating compliance with State policies. With the integration with the Bloomberg system, data accuracy is guaranteed, activities can be planned and reports can be generated and emailed according to the configuration. Users are allowed to define multiple portfolios and configure parameters such as accounting documents, fees, charges, etc., which increases the system’s effectiveness in the frequently volatile market. Furthermore, these solutions also create user-friendly and configurable control panels.

All implementation steps from consulting, development, testing, project management and technical support… have been well completed by the HPT-Credence project team and met the quality requirements of W88 Top. The successful operation of the IMS System promises to open new steps in the management capacity of W88 Top’s highly professional investment software assets.


The project has helped Baoviet Fund optimize its portfolio management and complete transaction processing, in order to improve and expand investment solutions. The company’s long-term strategy is to expand the customer base as well as improve the ability to manage new investment assets with high professional requirements. Therefore, owning a professional investment software system is a great advantage for Baoviet Fund in attracting more customers who are domestic and international professional organizations. At the same time, the company can deploy and quickly introduce highly complex personal financial products to meet market demand.

As a pillar in the investment activities of Baoviet system, Baoviet Fund has continuously improved the quality of operations, invested in the development of the platform with a high-quality human resources team and an information technology system. modernize, improve the efficiency of portfolio management, perfect the quality of professional services and become one of the leading fund management companies in Vietnam.

Mr. Dau Minh Lam, General Director of W88kub said: “With the desire to improve service quality, aim for professionalism, and meet the increasing demands of customers, Baoviet Fund has decided to modernize the system. Its information technology in the period 2015-2016. Owning a professional software system is an advantage for Baoviet Fund in attracting more customers who are domestic and international professional organizations, and creating conditions for the Company to deploy new products. highly complex personal financial products to meet market needs. We determine this is also a solid foundation for Baoviet Fund to gradually enter the retail market of the fund management industry in the near future.” Baoviet Fund also appreciates the experience and enthusiasm of HPT and Credence members participating in the project.


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