VR Technology in the iGaming Industry: Interview with Lucas Mollberg

The beginning of the 21st century has brought incredible changes in the ways we live our everyday lives, with technology advancing faster than ever before. Leisure and entertainment have been a part of this trend, as new tech has allowed for many types of new fun activities, gaming being one of the most represented ones.

Gaming itself has changed greatly since its early days back in the 1960s and 70s, going from simple arcade games to the advanced modern video games that resemble reality more than ever. Virtual reality tech has been taking the reality factor to a new level, and iGaming industry has not been exempt from the influence of VR.

Today we talk to Lucas Mollberg, an expert on the iGaming industry, and ask questions about the impact that VR has made so far and will continue to make on the iGaming sector in the future.

Hello Lucas and thank you for taking some time to talk to us. First of all, can you tell us how VR can be employed in the iGaming industry, specifically in the online casino sector?

Hello and thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this. The VR technology really has the ability to revolutionize nearly any industry it is applied in, and the gaming industry has already shown just how great of an impact VR can have in it.

In terms of iGaming, online casinos can truly benefit from VR technology in a big way. The tech allows us to bring the entire casino experience to the player, which was already done in part with the live casino games that are streamed on screen, and now we can take it a step further with the VR.

Online casinos you can find listed at Bestbonus.co.nz can benefit greatly from having access to a plethora of casino games that allow for gameplay within the VR. The player can put on his headset and get the full experience, from walking through the casino door, to getting greeted by the staff, and playing the actual games. Such VR casino games are already being created and they work well so far.

Do you think this is the future of online casinos? Will there be a time when the entire industry will turn to VR and all players will be playing with this tech?

I don’t know how far the VR technology will come and how fast it will happen, but it is pretty clear that at some point a lot of gaming is going to be done through VR, possibly all of it. I am not sure just how good this is, as people may lose the incentive to go out and participate in things in person, which is not really what we want to see happen.

Yet, the VR tech that exists at this time is merely a simulation of reality and it does not yet come anywhere close to the real thing. We can be sure that people will still want that real casino experience for years to come, but barring the real thing, the VR may offer a great alternative in which a lot of the same experience is offered.

Some people also wonder about the safety of playing such games, but I think at this point in time we can safely say that online casino games are fair and very safe to play, so not much would change in this sense if a bigger switch to the VR was to happen. The same RNGs would still be in play, and the experience would remain pretty much the same in terms of gameplay.

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