Virtuemap Review – Do You Need it?


Procrastination may be a massive problem as it grows to the scale when it impacts every aspect of your life – from work duties to personal relationships. Most people use self-pressing attempts to learn time management or address a therapist to stop it. But what if neither of those options is convenient for your case? Here’s where Virtuemap comes in handy. What is this app? And what are its baseline advantages? Read below in our Virtuemap review

What is Virtuemap?

The Virtuemap application is a project of an American business that started in 2021. Its main goal is to help people work on their daily habits that interfere with the normal performance of duties and obligations. In brief, the project aims to help people raise their productivity to an entirely new level. 

The app suggests reaching the goal using neuroscience methods and the help of certified professionals in psychology and personal development. The application unifies all the means and offers a comfortable interface and intuitive algorithms for all users. 

Who was Virtuemap created for?

The anti-procrastination program Virtue map offers is designed for people who want to overcome problems with motivation, time management, and other issues and are ready to work on themselves persistently. The format provides all the functions through Internet access, so if a person considers such a mode of work convenient – the app would be a great solution. The official website claims the app is suitable for people who have problems with the following:

  • low self-esteem;
  • ADHD;
  • procrastination; etc.

The app helps you build your daily routine and life skills. If the users feel that an anti-procrastination plan provided is not enough – they can use the advantages of a professional’s help. 

How does Virtuemap work?

When a user decides to use a Virtue map app, the system will offer the following sequence:

  1. Before the start, the app offers you a questionary. It contains several fundamental questions with multiple-choice options about the problems you encounter and the goals you aim for. It helps customize the building of anti-procrastination plan
  2. As you complete the quiz, the system opens program, where you discover what the troubles you experience arise from, how your mental issues or disorders interfere with normal living and other details about your situation. Getting acquainted with all this information gives a clearer vision of how to solve problems with motivation and procrastination.
  3. Persistent self-building is the main principle allowing this app to work well. The program includes simple daily tasks that help you overcome substantial issues through little steps. The basic anti-procrastination program is considered for three months.
  4. The community of other people suffering from the same troubles is available through the app to share experiences, opinions, and other ideas. For comfortable communication with people with different mindsets, the app offers variations of being a part of large communities or smaller ones (with up to 8 people in a group).
  5. Over time, as you use the help of other people that use the app or the assistance of professionals, you see the progress and development of your personal state. The official website claims you end up with your plan by feeling confident, well-organized, and motivated. 

Such a diversely-built application that uses neuroscientific knowledge to implement the assistance protocols allows people to receive multifaceted help and maintain self-development daily. 


Pros and cons of Virtuemap

As our Virtue map review suggests a versatile vision of aspects of using the application, we revealed the following advantages and inconveniences that users may face while using the app.


The following benefits distinguish Virtuemap:

  • The considerate customized program is offered to every user. The creators and developers implemented all the necessary tools to provide an individualized experience giving the best outcome.
  • The app uses a scientific approach and the help of certified specialists. It helps people progress in practice and not only find abstract motivation.
  • The strategy does not give you great “mountain tips” to reach. It considers one goal – the users need only to make small steps day by day, which does not take much time or effort.
  • The app provides a comfortable platform for communication. Whatever mindset a user has, or whatever communication is more comfortable for him, the platform offers a wide range of options for mutual help and idea exchange.
  • The services offered through the Virtue map app have reasonable pricing. You won’t need to give the fortune to get proper assistance.
  • The pricing is flexible for different personal aims. The application creators offer two options: you buy the subscription for 3 months (the duration of a basic anti-procrastination plan), or you open access to the services once and for all (it’s more expensive, but the difference with the 3-months subscription is not significant).

It provides full-scale service for all kinds of users. 


Users who need more consistent help to work on their mental health may not find what they look for. 

Conclusion about Virtuemap

Considering all the points above, the Virtue map application is a great solution for most people suffering from procrastination issues and their consequences. It helps solve the problem from the roots and makes activities more productive in a relatively short period. The pricing suggests the comfortable usage of an app and its premium options and is affordable for a regular person. People’s reviews show the app is an effective tool to help yourself overcome troubles and build life skills. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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