Video Messaging for Overall Success in Business

Video Messaging

One of the most effective ways to communicate in business is through video. Now more than ever, it is essential that we come up with innovative ways to communicate with our teams and organizations. Video messaging broadens the horizon of what is possible. When you can communicate effectively with individuals from all over the world, your growth potential increases dramatically. Whether you are using video messaging to communicate with your sales team or to reach new customers, the benefits of this helpful technology are proven. Connecting everyone in an organization efficiently is the goal of this technology.

  • Effective management of remote work teams
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Ability to capture a client’s feedback
  • Effortless collaboration
  • Attract customers and keep their attention
  • Keep interested by driving organic web traffic

Interesting facts were discovered when this form of communication was used in a business setting. Communication and marketing became more effective. Take a look at the most surprising facts below:

  • Over 85% of video marketers saw their website traffic increase as a result of their video
  • Only 1 out of 5 people will read text on a page
  • 4 out of 5 people will watch a video
  • Currently, video has become the most popular form of content marketing
  • Video marketing is more popular than infographics and blogs

With the combination of these technologies, the possibilities for success are limitless. If it’s not possible to meet in person, video is the next best option. Businesses across the globe are connecting and expanding their operations as a result. Videos add a personalized element to business endeavors that would otherwise be cut and dry. It helps to better connect individuals and add a “real life” element.

How Stork Makes Business Easier & More Efficient

Voice messaging, video messaging, and screen recording are provided by They are an innovative brand looking to make everyday business endeavors simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, they have a mission to connect business individuals together through personalized technology. For example, their “video note” feature allows you to send video notes to your team via channel or direct chat. You are able to pause your video when you need to revise a thought, then resume when you are ready. Recipients can choose to watch your video or read the transcription thanks to speech recognition. All of these features are especially useful for collaborating remotely with product teams in different time zones. This communication method is more efficient than scheduling a Zoom call or writing an email. Video is the future of how teams and clients communicate.

The Uses of Video Messaging

It seems as though almost every business endeavor is improved with the use of video. However, the people that benefit most from this service are co-workers, customer teams, sales teams, marketing teams, HR teams, product development teams, finance teams, operations teams, and legal teams.

For Co-Worker Collaboration:

  • Personalized Introductions: Creating a video introduction is more personalized than an email. You are able to humanize yourself as compared to a generic email.
  • Executive Updates: This allows you to distribute important information to your team and executives.
  • Use transcription services. With audio to text converter Audext, you can convert any of your work files. 
  • Task/Project Management: This is a great way to focus all team members, brainstorm, answer questions and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Meeting Fill-Ins: Easily fill in any team members who did not attend a meeting. This can also be used to review the meeting and highlight key takeaways.
  • Introduce Business Partners/ Company Members: Introductions are done at each person’s preferred time since videos can be saved and shared later.
  • FAQs: Easily present FAQs to save time and answer the most common questions.
  • Debut New Software (for Work Teams): Effectively demo your new software and explain how it works.
  • How to (for Employees): Ensure everyone is on board with a task and has the right resources provided to them.

For Customer Teams:

  • Follow Up: Video allows you to follow up with customers and provide a personalized message.
  • Welcome Clients: Welcoming new clients is a breeze and allows them to feel important, included, and valued.
  • Celebrate Accomplishments: Easily congratulate clients for each goal they accomplish.
  • Resolve with a How-To: Instruct customers step by step with a “how-to” guide for any issue or problem on their end.
  • Giveaway Contest: Announce a giveaway with clear and concise instructions on entry and reward.


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