VidaXL: Pioneer and eCommerce Business Giant


It all started with two selling items on eBay. Sixteen years later, the business has transformed into the global retailing giant, vidaXL. The eCommerce site now boasts 130 million online visitors per year worldwide and is among the top 500 most-visited websites in the Netherlands. How did this lesser-known company gain such success and how can others make a profit alongside them?

vidaXL was founded in 2006 and since then the business took off remarkably well. The brand is popular for its eclectic and affordable selection of home and garden furniture, toys, sporting goods, and baby products, among other items.

Proudly based in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands, today vidaXL, and its dropshipping platform, dropshippingXL, operates in 32 countries across the globe, including the US, the UK, and Australia.

vidaXL timeline

Live it up, for less

Enjoy more, without spending a fortune. The concept behind vidaXL is to provide online shoppers with the biggest assortment of items at the best possible price.

Customers of the brand love the amazing value for money they get on trending and fashionable products. Buyers can style their first flat, enjoy a new outdoor sport, refurbish their homes, spoil the kids, and spruce up the garden on a shoestring budget.

By the end of 2018, vidaXL’s marketplace had over one million products listed. As the company expands, it remains committed to providing a wide choice of affordable products to its customers.

Committed to the local community

Proud of their home city of Venlo, and home region of Limburg, vidaXL invests in local initiatives. This year they became partners of the VVV-Venlo Foundation, Venlo football club’s social charity. vidaXL collaborates with the charity’s Street League and School Tour programs, two initiatives that promote healthy living among children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Enjoy more, without spending a fortune. The concept behind vidaXL is to provide online shoppers with the biggest assortment of items at the best possible price.

It’s not just social causes that vidaXL is interested in supporting. Last month, the Dutch company gave two of their transport lorries a makeover with the Limburgs Museum branding. The museum, and fellow neighbour of vidaXL, is home to a historical and cultural exhibition of Limburg, from Prehistoric to the Middle and Modern Ages. Visitors can see artwork, traditional costumes, items of curiosity, interactive sections, and educational games that are suitable for all ages. The lorries promoted Limburgs Museum as they travelled thousands of kilometres across Europe, attracting the attention of anyone who saw the massive vivid purple vehicles.

Environmental sustainability is also a top priority at vidaXL. To reduce their carbon footprint, two of vidaXL’s distribution centres were kitted with 50,000 solar panels. It’s the equivalent of 13 football fields. The panels will generate enough electricity to power 7,500 homes, making them a good investment for the community.

Business expansion

While rebranding its dropshippingXL programme, vidaXL has also expanded in the last year. The construction of two additional fulfilment centres in Europe is planned, one in the Netherlands and the other in Poland.

These fulfilment centres are hugely beneficial for dropshippers. Shorter delivery times for customers can be met with warehouses across Europe, the US, and Australia. The United Arab Emirates is the latest country to join dropshippingXL, a dropshipping program with plans to expand to more countries.

Today, dropshippingXL has over 90,000 products to choose from, API integration support, real-time data feed, bulk order import, fast shipping and returns, VAT invoicing, and dedicated customer service.


The programme supports dropshippers in growing their business and doesn’t charge any commission on sales, a unique feature that sets them apart from competitors.

Dropshippers who sell vidaXL products simply subscribe to the programme for a flat rate of €30 per month. Regardless of sales made by the dropshipper, this fee remains the same.

Join dropshippingXL

Any business can start dropshipping with vidaXL without any prerequisites, no warehouse space, or inventory needed. To learn more, sign up, and get started with your eCommerce store, visit

Check and to discover more about the company as a retailer and a supplier.


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