Vegan Shoes of 8000 Kicks: An In-Depth Look

Vegan Shoes

Prelude:  Vegan shoes are the new talk in town. One of the latest and most talked about products is 8000Kicks that comes with the latest hemp fabric that has stunned its customers. A Portuguese brand that kicked off in 2019 has risen to fame in no time due to its quality, innovative, and technologically advanced products. Vegan shoes have made us all believe that the human mind has no barrier and sky is definitely the limit.   

Purpose Behind the Product:  According to 8000kicks, they had only one aim in mind and that was to build a fancy-looking shoe without animal products and proving to the world that by using vegan material. A win-win situation for buyers.

Why Vegan Shoes?: Analyzing the overall utility of the shoes is definitely the most important and interesting aspect. Therefore, we have tried to cover the good and bad features of the product in detail: 

product in detail


  • Strong Built: The use of Hemp makes them one of the strongest and most durable shoes around. 
  • Comfortable: Comfort is, without a doubt, a very important factor when a buyer considers buying any product. Luckily, these vegan shoes are a few of the most comfortable ones around the market.
  • Stylish Design: The style, glamour, and versatility have no bounds. These Vegan shoes have proven exactly that to the world.
  • Multi-Purpose: Another positive feature of their make and built is that they can be worn everywhere, from plains to mountains, during strolls or runs, and they work fine everywhere.
  • Water Repellant: Have you heard ever before about a shoe that repels water? If not, then, these Vegan shoes will definitely blow your mind. They are repellant as they have a dual-layered protection against water.
  • Temperature Regulating: Hemp has this unique natural property to regulate temperature. Whether in summer or in winter, your feet will remain comfortable owing to this wonderful feature.


  • Less Breathable: These shoes are somewhat less breathable than other shoes in the market, however, their other striking features veils this aspect significantly. 
  • Size Issues: Generally complaints have been received about the non-availability of desired sizes thus making their availability a challenging task for buyers and sellers alike. 
  • Costly: Owing to advanced built quality, vegan shoes are comparatively much more expensive than their opponents.

Place to Buy Vegan Shoe Pair?: The most suitable and convenient place to buy these shoes is through the 8000Kicks webpage. Free shipping to USA & EU is also offered by the brand from its manufacturing bases in Portugal as well as California. Shipment generally takes 3 days to reach, an appreciable delivery service. Bought shoes can also be returned within 60 days.

Vegan Shoes

Final Word: Vegan shoes are a class of their own. They are unique, environment-friendly, genuinely classy products that have taken the lead from the rest in quality and style. Definitely, a must-try for all and sundry. A complete package for every age bracket.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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