Using the Right Hosting Service is Crucial for Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Since your website’s load time is an important ranking factor, having a well-rounded hosting service is essential for your affiliate marketing success.

Beginners tend to make one crucial mistake – they tend to be price-sensitive and pick the cheapest option. What they don’t know is that more factors need to be considered before choosing their hosting service, such as:

  • Backup and Recovery – Hackers are a real threat to any affiliate website, so having a host that ensures DDoS protection and security enhancements to fight malware and viruses. Backing up the website is an important habit, so an excellent hosting service will allow you to set how often these backups happen.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – if your site isn’t up all the time, you risk losing a lot of money and bring you a bad reputation online. According to statistics, customers will not return to a website that was down when they were looking for your services.
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support – Hosting needs a reliable customer support team, especially if you don’t have any employees specialized in working with servers. Whenever you have an issue with the hosting, you should contact somebody as soon as possible via live chat or e-mail.
  • Scalability – In your early days as an affiliate marketer, you won’t be flooded with traffic and content so that you could use a low-priced shared hosting in the beginning. But when things get serious, and these numbers start increasing, you will need to switch to a premium hosting service. However, we highly recommend investing in a quality scalable hosting from the beginning so you won’t have to go through the migration process when your server crashes from too much traffic.
  • Increased Performance – Performance is a crucial factor you should consider when choosing a hosting service because Google bots will analyze your website and boost your rankings if your page speed is optimal. On top of that, the user experience has to be as smooth as possible so that you can increase your conversion rate.

Cloud Hosting vs. Shared Web Hosting

One of the significant distinctions made in the hosting services market is between cloud and shared hosting. Both of the services are ranked at a similar price level, but their processes are entirely different. According to internet marketing experts at Business News Daily, shared hosting might be more cost-effective, but cloud hosting is more scalable and has increased security.

Choosing the right hosting depends on the amount of traffic your website is getting and how much you’re willing to invest. In the digital marketing world, business owners need to prioritize their spending and make the most appropriate decision.

The difference between shared and cloud web hosting is the way each of them is organized. Shared hosting represents servers with multiple websites hosted on them. The web hosting company is in charge of building and maintaining these servers.

Overall, shared hosting is one of the best cheap web hosting options you can find from the biggest hosts due to them being able to divide a server into multiple parts. One of the main differences between shared and cloud hosting is the price. Cloudways offers cloud hosting from $30/mo and HostGator’s offer shared hosting from $2.79/mo.

Therefore, if you decide to work with shared hosting, your site will have access to the same resources as plenty of other websites, which might throttle your site’s load speed and overall performance. On top of that, the security measures are quite limited, because whenever a hacker accesses any website, the server becomes vulnerable as well.

Cloud hosting services exist on multiple servers. Instead of one shared server, you will host your website in the cloud. In essence, the company can bounce your site to different servers, adjusting the performance according to your needs.

Affiliate marketing experts like  use cloud hosting, and they were able to maintain a low load-time despite the increasing traffic and overall size of the site. If you’re planning to scale your business to the next level, cloud hosting services like GoogieHost are the ideal choice, since you won’t have to worry about migrating your site when the shared server can no longer handle the requests.

The bottom line

Whether you choose cloud or shared hosting for your affiliate marketing site, make sure the service works for your company. If you notice some inconsistencies in performance, consider migrating your website to a different provider. Having guaranteed uptime and quick load time are crucial for user experience, and it is also considered a ranking factor, so you can’t miss the opportunity of being ahead of the competition.


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