USDT Gambling


Stablecoins have become a phenomenon in the crypto space. The option to trade your altcoins for a stable cryptocurrency and avoid crypto market swings is convenient and beneficial.

But what is the USDT coin, and what to do with it?

What is USDT

There has been a stablecoins boom in the crypto community in recent years. The most used of stables is Tether (USDT symbol). Centralized and decentralized exchanges and applications utilize Tether and all its possibilities.

The Tether Limited company launched USDT in 2014. Its value is 1-to-1 pegged to the US dollar. The mechanism is simple, for each USDT issued, there is 1 USD in money reserves.

Your USDT crypto should stay in line with the US dollar value.

Is it possible to use Tether for gambling

Tether Casinos

Bitcoin casinos started implementing USDT payments, and players can join and play with Tether on multiple crypto-gambling platforms.

Most of the games you can access at FIAT casinos are available for crypto players, too. Get your USDTs and join the fun in the following titles:

  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Dice
  • Plinko
  • Crazy Time and other live shows

The best Bitcoin casinos offer thousands of games, especially slot machines. You won’t get bored as you can try a new slot with a fresh design and big wins opportunities every day.

In-house Games

Choose any of the in-house games if you want to maximize your winning chances. High-quality casinos like Stake or BCGame provide 15+ originals with 99% RTP (return-to-player). If you add bonuses and extra prizes to it, you lose just a minimum in the long run. 

If you want to participate in the wager races, games like Dice, Plinko, or Limbo are the best choice. It’s due to the ability to place a high number of bets in a short period. 

Put in the large betting volume to rank your account level or compete in the biggest wager races. Stake provides a massive $100K Daily wager race, and a winner gets $25,000 each day. Are you interested now?

Provably Fair Games

Always try to find games running on the Provably fair protocol. This way, you can verify the randomness of game outcomes. Thanks to blockchain technologies, players are assured that casinos cannot cheat and games are fair.

Tether Sportsbetting

If slots and blackjack aren’t gambling activities for you, enter the sports betting arena. Don’t worry. The betting opportunities with Tether are unlimited. Plenty of trusted crypto sportsbooks accept the coin.

Either bet on pre-match lines or put money on the in-play events. 

Also, you’ll be able to find almost any sporting event you can think of. Browse through the betting lines in the following matches:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • Esports
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Baseball and many more

Many crypto-gambling sites started as a casino. But when they saw the huge demand for sports betting, they added sportsbooks, too. Choose from numerous trustworthy crypto-betting sites.

What blockchain to use when betting with Tether?

USDT Transactions

It depends on the size of your bankroll and the chain you like to use. Be aware that casinos will usually charge you for every withdrawal you request. Someone has to pay for the blockchain fees, and casinos won’t do it.

The most accepted blockchains among crypto casinos are Ethereum, BNB chain, and Tronchain. If you prefer security, stay within the Ethereum ecosystem, but expect expensive transactions. To save up on the transaction fees, go for the other networks. Send USDT as a BEP20 or TRC20 token.

It’s a clever move to use these for crypto gambling as you might do a lot of transactions, and it would be a shame to lose money just for transferring funds.


Many people view cryptocurrencies as gambling, so playing in the casino with Shiba Coin (or other altcoins) might seems crazy to them. 

But by holding a stable USDT coin, you’ll still keep access to crypto gambling sites with unique features and avoid market volatility.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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