Upcoming NFT Games To Watch Out For In 2022


You have probably heard of NFTs if you have not been living under a rock for the past few years. With the help of these services, you can collect valuable digital assets, such as JPEG or GIF files, to be yours.

NFTs are virtual representations of real-world items, such as music and video games, that can be purchased using the cryptocurrencies thanks to the blockchain technology that powers them.

The NFT artwork, on the other hand, is only one part of the larger scheme. In terms of technology, the gaming industry is massive, and NFT-based games have a sizable market. As a result of the use of NFTs in this industry, players can now own digital assets and exchange them for fiat money.

In NFT games, players can collect and trade in-game assets, such as characters, weapons, vehicles, and more, to earn money while having fun. NFTs can either be sold for profit or accumulated until they yield crypto rewards from the game without having to give up any of your assets, depending on the rules of the game in question.

With so many options, deciding which one to invest in can be a difficult task. But, we have a list of the best NFT games here. Moreover, the telegram community Crypto Gaming Bulls is the best way to stay up to date on the latest news about NFT games.

List Of Top 4 Upcoming NFT Games To Invest & Explore [Launching Soon]

  1. Battle of Guardians: Best NFT Fighting Game On Solana Blockchain
  2. RaceFi: Innovative New Metaverse On SOL Ecosystem
  3. Rainmaker: Best Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Platform
  4. Polygonum: First Cross-Platform DeFi Game, Crypto + NFT

1. Battle of Guardians: Best NFT Fighting Game On Solana Blockchain

Battle of Guardians


Multiplayer NFT fighting game Battle of Guardians (BOG) was developed using the SOLANA NETWORK, in which epic multi-realm battles take place in an expansive game world. BOG is a one-on-one game in which players compete for prizes by defeating their opponents.

As a result of this trend, the designers of this game have taken the current uptick into account. They calculated the present value of the fighting game industry as a result of their research. According to the data, now is the time to take the step to indulge in the game. BOG believes it will help stabilize the economy in the long run while still allowing players to have fun.

Because Battle of Guardians is an NFT-based game, players can do more than fight. They will, for example, be able to buy and rent NFTs. In particular marketplaces, players will be able to trade and exchange NFT characters and other game items.

The platform has a promising future and the potential to transform the NFT gaming industry completely. As a result, it is in your best interest to join the platform as soon as possible.

The graphics are breathtaking, providing an exhilarating and pleasurable gaming experience. The game’s unique NFTs and multiple ways to generate real-world revenue are valuable resources for both the game and its players.


  • Improved graphics available
  • Three game modes to choose from: story mode, tournament mode, and arena mode
  • Communicate with other users 
  • Only mode that requires additional payments is the tournament mode
  • Next generation of blockchain multiplayer games


  • Entry fee required to join games

Customer Experience

Players can also combine NFT characters using the NFT Synthesis system. Feelings can be connected to meet the requirements of a specific game level. In the short term, you will lose quantity, but in the long run, you will gain more.

Token sales are currently being raised through fundraising, and for quick updates, follow the twitter account of BOG.

2. RaceFi: Innovative New Metaverse On SOL Ecosystem



RaceFi is the first Solana ecosystem company to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning. Making money in RaceFi’s metaverse is possible by participating in the various ranked game modes or by owning in-game property. With PvP or PvE and racers or gamblers, the possibilities are nearly endless.

RaceFi is an impressive application of NFT technology with a sizable fan base. It employs two Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, AXS and SLP, and the NFT collection is expected to be worth $50 million in trades by July 2022.

Although it is only available on Android, RaceFi is one of the unique games to use NFTs. The landowners collect race fees every time a race is held at a racetrack, which are divided into 100 sections. In a race, there will be no winners or losers.

Cars are the essential assets in the game because they are required to play. Players can purchase the RaceFi car collection from the Polrare Marketplace. By accumulating a certain number of fantasy points, you can earn ETH. While earning 205 fantasy points entitles you to 0.01 ETH, earning 250 points entitles you to 0.02 ETH.


  • Garage is the game’s second-rarest asset
  • Build a RaceFi fan base
  • RaceFi tokens are available for purchase on a variety of platforms
  • Integration of third-party betting solutions


  • NFT investments still have room for over-speculation and herding

Customer Experience

Customers can hardly wait to get started. As a result, it is no surprise that the game is widely regarded as one of the best available. To begin with, the cars in this NFT game are stunning to look at, and the game is equally so to play. Each car has its distinguishing features, such as parts and visuals that vary from other play to earn models.

3. Rainmaker: Best Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Platform



Known as one of the world’s first cryptocurrency and stock fantasy gaming platforms, Rainmaker is a popular game. It is a blockchain-based game in which players can earn money by playing. Moving into 2021, Rainmaker became a significant player. There is a lot to be said for Rainmaker’s impressive advancements and increasing player base.

One of the primary goals of Rainmaker is to educate and unite stocks and cryptocurrency market enthusiasts from across the globe on a single platform to compete against each other in a variety of exciting and gripping contests.

If you are good at managing your portfolio, you can win cash prizes by participating in these contests, which use real-time stock and cryptocurrency market events to evaluate your decision-making abilities.

Thanks to this game, users can also win exciting prizes every day in a fun and engaging gaming environment. Additionally, this platform aims to help newcomers in the field by providing them with training and development opportunities and participating in contests offered on the application.

For the user rewards, Rainmaker employs skill-based online fantasy gaming principles based on real-time events, analysis, and fluctuations in real-time cryptocurrency and stock markets.

You can, of course, trade the Rainmaker tokens on any of the most popular Ethereum NFT exchanges. According to their characteristics and rarity, they have different prices.


  • Relies on the abilities of the players
  • Rainmaker tokens can be traded on any of the most popular Ethereum NFT exchanges
  • Competitions provide the opportunity to win cash prizes


  • Withdrawing money is a complicated process

Customer Experience

Several Rainmaker customers have begun investing for the long term in recent months, making significant progress. Also, Rainmaker receives 4.5 stars on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, demonstrating its popularity.

4. Polygonum: First Cross-Platform DeFi Game, Crypto + NFT



Polygonum, a free-to-play cross-platform DeFi game, includes a Crypto, NFT, and Open gaming World component. Each factor has been carefully considered to provide the best possible experience for players.

You can earn money in the Open World by engaging in in-game activities, such as trading and fighting.

Polygonum occupies a middle ground position, both with and without cryptography. Polygonum is a one-of-a-kind shooter-crypto game, thanks to its user-friendly interface, precise mechanics, and vibrant community.


  • Allows you to earn money while having fun
  • NPC and NFT items and characters can be purchased and sold in the NPC and NFT marketplaces of the game


  • To win this game, you will have to work hard at it

Customer Experience

The Polygonum NFT games have found their way into the gaming industry almost like a puzzle piece. NFTs enable gamers to enjoy their favorite genres while also partaking in the current NFT craze, making them both entertaining and lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Games 

Q1. How Do You Make Money Playing NFT Games?

The amount of money you can make playing NFT games is determined by the game mechanics, and consumer expectations play a role as well. You will be able to profit if other players value the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you earn. The only way to make money is to sell your goods at a market, exchange, or auction house.

Q2. Are NFT Games/ Free NFT Games Secure?

Is it safe to use them? In general, NFTs are as safe as cryptocurrency to buy and own. However, although NFT technology is considered secure, you should still do things to protect your investment.

It is possible to buy and sell unique digital items and track who owns them using blockchain technology.

Ethereum is the most common blockchain for NFT games, and smart contracts can be created on Ethereum by anyone. These are blockchain-based programs that can never be changed. As a result, the program will run exactly as written. The contract or the system as a whole cannot be tampered with by a central authority or a third party.

Q3. How Do You Sell NFT Game Tokens?

NFTs can only be sold on a marketplace if they are listed. To sell an NFT from your collection, locate the “sell” button by clicking on the item itself. When you click “sell,” you will be taken to a pricing page where you can set the terms of the sale. A fixed price or an auction sale can be selected.

It is possible to conduct in-game transactions, in which a player can purchase items or virtual world points for use in the virtual world to enhance their character or the gaming experience. Free-to-play game developers rely heavily on in-game purchases to fund their operations.

Conclusion: Upcoming NFT Games With Huge Potential 

NFT games use decentralized technology to create a new type of gaming experience. You can earn items with proven scarcity by participating in competitions. It is possible NFT could become more involved in the crypto gaming industry as billionaire investors and retail traders become more interested in the sector.

As a result, the best crypto games are also profitable in creative ways, as they provide both entertainment and a decent source of income for many players. In addition, the combination of their blockchain elements is at the top of the list for the establishment of uniqueness.

While some players have started streaming their experiences on Twitch, blockchain games are still in their infancy.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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