Unique Skincare Solutions from VIIcode, a Brand Dedicated to Eye Skincare


As a brand focused on high-end skincare, VIIcode is committed to researching and developing unique skincare solutions to help people achieve healthy and radiant skin. VIIcode not only focuses on the close relationship between skin aging and oxygen levels but also explores the impact of genetic factors on skin conditions, using the incredible power of nature’s plants for exceptional skincare.

After years of research, VIIcode has discovered a unique combination of active oxygen plant essence, which aids in awakening cells’ positive growth. VIIcode’s active oxygen plant essence is rich in vitality and can immediately and consistently improve the skin’s health. Under the influence of certain external stimuli, cells can release specific information from status genes, awakening the skin’s memory, thus helping to improve the skin’s radiance over time while immediately and efficiently moisturizing the skin.

Furthermore, according to research on genetics, the environment we live in, the stress we endure, and emotional factors directly influence gene expression and the synthesis of youth proteins in the skin. Nature possesses endless power, including many miraculous aspects that we have yet to fully understand. VIIcode is dedicated to exploring and understanding the secrets of plants to create exceptional skincare products. We have discovered that certain plants and flowers have astonishing vitality and adaptability, allowing them to survive in various harsh environments and even possess the ability to regenerate and protect themselves. These plants are nature’s treasures, containing numerous precious ingredients that are widely applied in both medicine and skincare fields.

To effectively preserve the active ingredients of plants, VIIcode uses special stone mills and ice caves for harvesting and extraction. Each plant is transferred to unique preservation equipment after manual harvesting to ensure that key trace elements reach a certain level of content. Through our unique “T2” stone mill extraction process, we place Amazon rainforest plants and other rare oxygen-resistant plants into ancient ice cave stone mills for temperature-controlled fermentation. The results are components that allow us to achieve unexpectedly beautiful skin results.

The key factor in using these ingredients is the awakening of cellular memory information substance (CMIC) in the eye area. It promotes the restoration of vitality in the skin around the eyes, reshapes the skin’s oxygen absorption capacity, improves its’ oxygen content, and makes the skin rosy and elastic.

In pursuit of impeccable quality and to provide users with the best skincare experience, VIIcode’s Brunswick Laboratory continuously explores the achievements of active oxygen plant extraction technology, specifically designing eye skincare products for women ages 30 to 50. By utilizing the essence of active oxygen plant extraction, VIIcode enhances the oxygen absorption capacity of eye cells, allowing the skin to regain plumpness and richness, reshaping perfect eyes and turning dazzling radiance into reality.

VIIcode, as a high-end skincare brand, stands out in the market with its unique skincare solutions. We believe that through the use of active oxygen plant essence and deep care for the skin around the eyes, every woman can radiate with confidence and display a unique and elegant charm. VIIcode is dedicated to combining the power of science and nature to provide users with exceptional skincare experiences, allowing every woman to feel their beauty brought about by the forces of nature’s original power.

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