Understanding the Procedure of Loan Underwriting System


One of the most essential components of the mortgage procedure is underwriting. This is a procedure that dictates if you will get loan approval from or lender or not. Let us continue to read further and understand the importance of a loan underwriting system and how it precisely works.

Explaining underwriting

The procedure of underwriting is where a lender will cross check factors including your monthly income, debt, property information, and asset. All of these factors will allow him to approve your loan application as soon as possible.

The procedure of underwriting takes place behind the scenes. However, this does not mean that anything will be kept hidden from you. The lender will be completely transparent during the procedure. He will ask you to provide documents. In addition to this, you will also be asked questions like where did all the deposits come from? Is there any proof that explains the assets you have?

What does an underwriter do?

Let’s assume you are purchasing a home. The time when it goes under an appraisal, the mortgage underwriter will first take a look at your finances. This way they will be able to find out if you should be getting a loan. Additionally, they will also get an idea whether or not you will be able to pay back the loan amount in the given time period.

Next, the underwriter will help the lender check whether or not you have submitted all the vital documents. If any of your documents are missing, the loan application will be rejected then and there. The entire procedure will be closed there. So in such a situation, an underwriter will do the following:

  • Check your credit history: The underwriter will take a look at your credit score and prepare a report. The report will mark factors like late payments, use of credit, nbankrupts, and much more.
  • An appraisal will be ordered: The underwriter will give an order for appraisal in order to ensure that the amount received by the lender matches up with the exact value of the property he/she is willing to purchase. 
  • Cross check your employment and income: In all the situations, the underwriter will ask you to put forward a proof of employment situation and income.
  • Verify your savings and down payment: The underwriter will also take into consideration your savings account. The same is done to ensure that you have sufficient funds to supplement your income or to make use of it to pay the down payment and other closing costs.

How long does underwriting last?

The procedure of underwriting completely depends on the financial situation of a borrower. Even though the loan document software has made things pretty quick and easy, a lot of factors count during the procedure of underwriting. If you meet the eligibility criteria and submit all the documents, you will obtain a desired loan amount. The sooner you do things, the underwriter and lender will work accordingly for you.

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