Ultimate Guide to Getting a US Credit Card to Build Credit as a UK Citizen

Are you a UK citizen recently moved to the US for work or study purposes? Building credit is essential as it will make you a favorable client among landlords, insurance agencies, utility companies as well as employers and much more. Are you a frequent traveler seeking to avoid any currency fluctuations? It’s time you explore the various secure as well as alternative cards to build your credit in the US.

It’s quite unfortunate that any credit history established in the UK hardly carries over to the US. It’s because both countries use different credit reporting systems. Lenders need to see your credit history with any of the three major credit bureaus in the US. All hope isn’t lost if you are a newcomer to the US. You can get credit cards to build credit. Here’s a guide to help you in the process. 


Get a co-signer 

As you are seeking to build credit, you can approach a local ally or relative that you know and trust. It will enable you to piggyback on any credit card account that they have as an authorized user.

In the process, you get to accrue the significant benefits that the credit card holder has. You will also benefit from their credit history. However, you ought to be careful as any error made by the principal cardholder might hurt your credit in the process.


Build credit via renting 

Looking for a rental house or an apartment is a crucial step that you must choose carefully. You ought to ask if the landlords report the tenant’s payment history to the credit bureaus. 

If they do, you have a better chance of the credit bureaus creating a file where they’ll document your rent payments. It will enable you to facilitate your journey if you have zero credit history.


Get a secured credit card 

If you want to establish credit history, you ought to open a credit account in your name. You can get a secured credit card which will require you to make some security deposit. It’s a great option if you are new to the US.


Use your 1st credit card effectively 

Once you are successful in acquiring a credit card, you must use it wisely. It will enable you to have a stable credit building path without having to drain your bank with extra charges. You ought to pick a credit card that reports your account activity to the credit bureau at all times.

It would be best to look at the fees that get charged. They ought to be reasonable as some credit companies prey on the innocence of vulnerable immigrants and charge exorbitant fees. 

There are several credit cards to build credit in the US that you must take advantage of at any time. You ought to remember the above guideline while applying for one. After that, you need to use the card occasionally in making small purchases. Don’t forget to keep your balances on the down-low, and make all payments on time. When you have good credit card management practices, you can be sure to build a reputable credit history in the US just as the one you had left back home.  

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