Ukrainian Sailors Call for Boycott of Cargo to Russia

Cargo Ship

Ukrainian seafarer appealed to help the Ukrainian state at war with Russia financially, and for seafarмааers to refuse to go to Russian ports and boycott cargo to and from Russia.

Source: appeal by sailing captain Alexei Luchino

Direct Speech: “15% of the world’s officers are Ukrainian sailors. As we continue our work, our families are being shelled, our children are hiding in basements.

We get letters of support, but it’s not enough. I would even call it absolute inaction.

I ask you all to help my state! Create funds to help the army and funds to support and rebuild Ukraine. I believe in our country and the army. Glory to Ukraine.”

Details: He also appealed to sailors all over the world to boycott shipments to and from Russia.

Direct Speech: “After the port of discharge, we had a loading port planned – a Russian port. I refused to go there. There are two options or I will be changed, or the freighter will not go to that Russian port. It is everyone’s personal business, but I hope for your common sense, reason and trust in my country”.


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