UK Online Casinos the Best in the World for Online Slot Games

Online Slot Games

Despite the continued uncertainty surrounding online casino and gambling laws, the United Kingdom remains one of the best and safest online gambling hotspots in the world.

The government regulated UK gambling market ensures that only safe and fair online casinos are advertised and recommended. Specifically, the UK online gambling is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) which grants licences to gambling operators which have undoubtedly proven that they offer a 100% fair and secure service to consumers/players.

The market has been regulated for 17 years and is by far one of the most mature regulated gambling markets in the entire world. EuropeanBusinessReview takes a look at the igaming scene and its future.

Slot Games in the UK

Online casinos in the UK have had 17 years of being able to improve their product to ensure that they are able to offer the best experience for their customers. A healthy dose of competition has further ensured that the online sites have had to adapt or die in the market. Such a landscape has been a big plus point for casino gamblers, there is a huge amount of choice regarding where to play and if they are ever unhappy, a player can easily switch and play at another online operator.

Due to the competition and relatively stable market in which they operate in, it is notable that the casino games offered by operators have become better and better. We are now witness to thousands of state of the art video slots with graphics similar to AAA video games accessible at almost all online casinos. Online slot games in the UK are now the most played of all casino games.

Some of the most popular and best games include slots with high rtp rates in 2022 – these count as the games which offer the theoretically best chance of winning – as well as slots with the best payout rates. Major slot developers which develop these games include NetEnt and Microgaming. Incidentally, these development behemoths have been able to attract developers away from AAA game development companies such as Ubisoft, such is their pulling power.

Along with Canada, Germany, Japan and to a lesser extent Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, the UK is the prime location in which slot game developers want to market their newest online slot games.

USA Investors Hiring British Talent

As the USA online betting market slowly begins to open up, it has been reported that US gambling companies are acquiring British gambling operators. Why? The talent and expertise is already there, and the US gambling operators are hoping that what has been done in the UK can be replicated in the USA.

Currently, the main gambling market in the USA is sports betting. However, state laws continue to adapt more and more to making moves to legalise online casino gambling.

A regulated USA online gambling market would turn over billions of dollars per year in tax revenue alone. Furthermore, a regulated market would help to keep players safer when playing online.

However, the land-based gambling lobby in the USA is strong, and certainly Las Vegas casinos seem to prefer that US gamblers visit Nevada for their gambling needs. But, the screw is slowly turning, and many of the big players are switching their eyes (and resources) to the USA.

The Business of Online Gambling

From an investors perspective, the safe money seems to lie in investing in the USA. With that being said, the USA gambling market has been expected to boom for the past decade, yet, 10 years later and we are still waiting for the expected boom to happen.

Currently, the majority of the European iGaming scene companies reside on the island of Malta. This is mostly for tax reasons. Bet 365, Betsson and William Hill all have offices in Malta. The iGaming industry continues to generate billions of pounds in revenue each year.


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