Types of Work from Home Internships in 2022


Students’ prospects for online internships have recently received increasing attention, particularly in 2022. This is because, thanks to online classes, many individuals nowadays have ample spare time to hunt for an additional source of money and experience. 

This will very certainly guarantee that they receive adequate financial assistance to cover educational costs and other obligations. Aside from that, students will get extra talents that will help them build their professional prospects.

We have created a list of different types of work from home internships in 2022 that students can take without disrupting their studies.

Types of Internships

There are mainly two types of internships for students in terms of compensation and workload:

  • Unpaid Internships

An unpaid internship is a reasonable alternative for so many individuals that provides valuable experience while minimising stress. As the name implies, an unpaid internship implies you will not receive a stipend or compensation when the internship is over. 

  • Paid Internships

Paid internships vary from unpaid internships considerably in terms of commitment and freedom. To begin with, you will be considered a company employee, and because you will be compensated, people will want you to perform something valuable to the business. And you can do these kinds of internships from your student housing in Glasgow or London.

Work from home Internships

Some prominent internships that are popular among students in 2022:

  • Social Media Manager

Nowadays, almost every organisation has a social media profile – Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia, to name a few. 

They also require somebody to oversee these accounts. Because this is a comparatively new subject that very few supervisors or CEOs are familiar with, if you already have this skill, you may quickly acquire a high-paying position. You will almost certainly be able to work from home. 

In the meantime, you may work as an intern and handle the social media accounts of many small businesses while you finish your education.

  • SEO Expert

SEO Expert is a profession that can be done entirely online. If you’re knowledgeable and skilled and are willing to learn, you can look for businesses willing to offer internships where they hand over websites to you for improvement. When you take on an internship assignment in an SEO company, you must first complete SEO courses and be willing to learn new concepts quickly. 

  • Software development


Software developers are in a great position to work from home. They write applications and systems software without having to work in an office. Instead, they can create software, supervise its development, and evaluate it for faults from any place with a connection to the internet. According to the labours department of the USA, whereas many software engineers work full-time, there are also part-time alternatives for individuals who are students and are willing to work in this sector.

You can do this internship from your Birmingham student accommodation and earn some good amount of money with a nice addition on your resume.

  • Content writing

Content Writing

Content writing is among the most prominent internships. Employers are always on the search for individuals who can develop original material that draws attention because there is always a tremendous need for well-researched and well-written digital content. This is the position for you if you have a strong command of the English language, a compelling way of writing, and a desire to learn about a wide range of topics.

  • Translator 

A translator’s job is to speak or write in order to transform documentation or video from one language to another. 

Mandarin, French, Italian, Deutsch, and Russian are just a few of the languages in high demand. You must also have a solid command of the English language, as well as excellent punctuation and writing abilities. 

Based on your understanding of several languages, you could be a bilingual or multilingual translator. The work of a translator may be found in a variety of businesses, including scientific and technical services, education programs, healthcare, and administration. This is a perfect opportunity for international students who are primarily bilingual or multilingual.


It’s not simple to complete a whole internship opportunity online. Organisations of all sizes had to immediately adjust their internship programmes to the realities when COVID-19 compelled jobs and living to take a different approach from what we were used to. 

We hope this article helps you find the perfect path for your professional career and make some extra money on the side.

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