Twitch: 5 Things Beginner Streamers Should Know


Twitch is one of the popular streaming sites, and there is a reason for the hype. The site is entertaining and can take your entire day. It’s a platform where anyone can start a stream, but you could take it a step further by having the know-how to succeed on this site. If you are planning to stream on Twitch, there are some things you need to know before you invest time and money on this site.

1. Emotes and Channel Points

Twitch has many resources streamers can use, and one of them is the emotes. The emotes are also available to subscribers on your channel, and they can use them in chats. However, since everyone doesn’t have artistic skills, you may need to get a professional to design unique emotes for your channel. They should fit with your theme and add to its aesthetics. 

You can also utilize the channel points to engage your chat. You can make it so that viewers can get points for watching your streams, and then they can redeem the points to get perks like having their chats highlighted. Additionally, streamers can also include other rewards to loyal viewers on Twitch.

2. Use Chat Bots

If you stream on Twitch, you can also use chatbots on your channels to interact with your viewer. The chatbots can be used for announcements or commands. You can program a command that chat members can use on the site. Also, the commands can be used to view and track members that have followed you. You can also program it to send messages every few minutes or even reminders for people to subscribe to your channel.

3. Streamers Can Do Self-Promotion

One of the secrets to a successful twitch channel is marketing. You can’t get very far without promoting your channel. The good part is, self-promotion is cheap, and you can do it using your social media profiles. You can connect your Twitch to other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms you are active on. This way, when you go live, your followers will know.

4. Twitch Bits

Twitch allows streamers to earn their virtual currency, which is Twitch Bits. This way, they support content creators.

There are a couple of ways to earn Bits, whether through viewers’ subscriptions or donations. Viewers purchase Bits and then “cheer” it to their favorite streamer. Like other digital currencies, the value changes depending on real-world currencies. However, 100 bits is estimated at $1. The more bits you get, the more you earn. For further explanation, you can get more info on this guide on Twitch Bits.

5. Check Your Twitch Metrics

Streamers can monitor the number of people that have viewed their streams on Twitch. You need to know what people are interested in watching, so your view counts increase. You will need to search for trending games and other engaging videos to understand exactly what people want to see. However, don’t get obsessed with your Twitch metrics because it is why streamers feel discouraged when they don’t get enough views.


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