13 Trusted Psychics for Guidance on Love, Career & More

Trusted Psychics
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By Thomas C. Eisele

Sometimes, life is downright challenging, and it may seem like there’s nowhere to turn. Friends and family may encourage you, but your problems are still with you at the end of the day.

But there’s one thing that guarantees peace of mind and various directions you can take to fix the problem–consulting trusted psychics.

If you’re new to psychic readings, you’re probably skeptical. We get it! You’re also likely wondering where to find reliable advisors.

We have all the tea!

We’ve scoured the internet, read hundreds of reviews, and tested many psychic platforms to filter out the legitimate ones. Out of all these–Purple Garden tops our list, but you’ll find many more for every need!

Who Are the Most Trusted Psychics Online?

First Look

  1. Purple Garden – Most trusted psychics overall ($10 OFF first purchase) 
  2. Keen – Most trusted psychics for spiritual readings (5 mins for $1) 
  3. Kasamba – Undisputed love experts (50% OFF + 3 free mins) 
  4. Everclear – Most trusted personalized psychic readings (3 free mins)
  5. California Psychics – Most trusted and widely-known psychic platform ($1/min) 
  6. Sanctuary Psychic Reading – Best chat readings (5 mins for $4.99) 
  7. Psychic Source – Most trusted psychics for beginners ($1/min) 
  8. AskNow – Most accurate psychic readings (5 free* mins) 
  9. Oranum – Trusted psychics for live video readings ($9.99 free credit) 
  10. Psychic Oz – Most trusted for ongoing guidance (3 free mins) 
  11. Purple Ocean – Unmatched recorded readings (Flat rates) 
  12. Mysticsense – Most trusted clairvoyant readings (5 free mins) 
  13. Purple Tides – Best insights from multiple psychics (as low as $5/reading)

We separated the wheat from the chaff to ensure you don’t have to do any heavy lifting when looking for the most trusted psychics online. Here are our top 13 psychic platforms that guarantee accuracy, safety, and insightful guidance.

1. Purple Garden – Most Trusted Psychics Overall

Purple Garden
Image from Purple garden, graphic from in-house design team


  • Over 1,000 psychics
  • Voted to have the most precise readings
  • Readings available via voice and chat
  • $10 off your initial purchase
  • English/Spanish psychic readings


  • Costs for video, phone, and chat readings may differ

Purple Garden leads the pack with highly accurate and dependable psychic predictions. And if si hablas español, you’ll be happy to know that the platform is bilingual–providing readings in English and Spanish.

And with over 1,000 psychics ready to address any topic you’re curious about, you’ll be spoiled for choice and feel like a kid in a candy store.

Whether you are looking for insights on love, career, or anything else, Purple Garden features psychics with diverse specialties, including those who incorporate tarot cards or crystal balls into their sessions.

Most Trusted on Purple Garden

First up, there’s Mikashaman. People rave about her readings–they’re super insightful, and she’s incredibly caring, especially when it comes to love and relationships. She has a strong intuition and a ton of empathy, so she can help you navigate whatever tricky situation you’re in and find a way to happiness.

Then there’s Matt Warren. This guy’s the real deal–he’s an expert in pretty much everything, from love stuff to career stuff to figuring out your life path. He’s been doing this for years and is super compassionate on top of being really accurate. So, if you need some clarity or a confidence boost to make a big decision, Matt’s your guy!

Promotions & Deals

Purple Garden gives new customers the red carpet treatment. You’ll receive a $10 matching credit on your first session, and subsequent sessions start at the low price of $0.99 per minute.


Purple Garden is our top choice, and for good reason. Whether you’re seeking guidance on love, life, and career via live voice, chat, and video readings, Purple Garden provides a diverse selection of advisors. There’s something for everyone here.

>>Claim your $10 discount on Purple Garden

2. Keen – Most Trusted Psychics for Spiritual Readings

Image from Keen, graphic from in-house design team


  • Free 3-minute psychic reading
  • 5 minutes with an expert for just $1
  • User-friendly iOS and Android app 
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Various pricing options to suit your budget


  • Only has an email customer support

There’s a lot to love about Keen. For starters, it has an impressive 25 years of experience and a roster of over 1,700 online psychics, offering a wide range of affordable readings to suit various spiritual interests, from aura cleansings to delving into past lives. 

Their “Get Matched” feature acts like a psychic concierge, ensuring you connect with the right readers, and their “Readings 101”? It’s an invaluable resource that all newcomers will appreciate.

And if you’re budget-conscious, Keen has you in mind, too–they’ll spoil you with a 5-minute reading for just $1. They also have top-notch chat and phone psychics available 24/7. If your preferred reader is busy, you can use their callback service.

The only setback is that Keen only has email customer support. However, Keen’s support team is the most responsive we’ve come across–you’re in good hands!

And let’s not forget Keen’s sleek iOS and Android app that allows you to access psychic services on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Most Trusted Psychics on Keen

Russell isn’t your average fortune teller. He is a visionary guide known for his spot-on insights and killer psychic abilities. Think Jedi Master meets therapist. He specializes in helping you with your life path, understand those crazy dreams, and find healing from past stuff.

Kimberly Oritz, on the other hand, is your go-to person for all things love, relationships, career, and even your spiritual journey. She’s a respected psychic with a knack for insightful readings and a heart of gold. Think wise friend with a 6th sense! 

Promotions & Deals

Keen has a special treat for you if you’re a new customer: get 5 minutes of reading time for just $1! It’s a fantastic deal to kickstart your psychic journey.


Keen should be at the top of your list if you’re interested in exploring the spiritual realm and seeking guidance along life’s diverse paths. You’ll get the VIP treatment here–an exceptional introductory offer, a satisfaction guarantee, a wide range of services, and handy search filters to hook you up with your psychic soulmate.

>>Get 5 minutes for $1 on Keen

3. Kasamba – Undisputed Experts in Love Readings

Image from Kasamba, graphic from in-house design team


  • Free 3-minute session
  • Variety of readings
  • Accessible via mobile app
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • First reading at 50% off
  • Specialists in love readings


  • Video readings are not available

For over 20 years, Kasamba has been the go-to for love readings, offering a diverse range of psychic services, including astrology and tarot cards. 

Kasamba also understands you need to find someone whose style resonates with you for the best experience. Therefore, they back you up with their “Best Match Guarantee” to ensure a compatible pairing.

Kasamba also gives your wallet some love–providing 3 free minutes to chat with a new advisor before committing to a paid session. If it’s a great match, you’ll receive an additional 3 free minutes and 50% off your first reading, giving you even more savings for a chance to explore their services without breaking the bank.

Most Trusted Psychics on Kasamba

Divine Princess sounds straight out of a fairytale, but trust us; her readings are anything but imaginary! This super empathetic and intuitive psychic is your BFF in the love and relationship world. Need help deciphering those mixed signals coming from your crush? She’s got you covered.

Love Specialist Isabelle, with over 19,190 reviews (that’s a lot of happy clients!), is known for her accuracy and insightful guidance. Whether you’re looking for answers or just some spiritual healing after a breakup, Isabelle can help you navigate those tricky emotions and get you back on track.

Promotions & Deals

Kasamba offers more free minutes than any other platform. Imagine chatting with expert psychics of your choice without paying a dime. That’s what you get on Kasamba–3 minutes with up to 3 psychic readers! And when you’re done, you’ll get an extra 3 minutes for free and a generous 50% discount on your first full psychic reading.


Kasamba should be your place of solace when you’re feeling down in love—they excel in matters of the heart. They don’t just provide readings; they offer hope. And with more free minutes than any other leading psychic service, Kasamba is the ultimate wingman for your love life.

>>Get 50% off + 3 free minutes on Kasamba

4. Everclear – Most Trusted Psychics for Personalized Readings

Image from Everclear, graphic from in-house design team


  • Wide selection of psychic readers
  • Readings offered via phone or chat
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Simple registration process
  • 3-minute free psychic reading


  • Video readings are not available

Everclear is like the friend you turn to when life takes an unexpected turn. The platform has compassionate psychics offering custom phone and chat sessions designed to meet your unique needs. 

And you won’t have to scroll for hours to find your match. Everclear has a quiz that does the heavy lifting for you.

Newcomers get a warm welcome with a free 3-minute psychic reading to try out their services before committing to a paid session. Everclear also has a no-strings-attached policy, giving your money back if you’re not completely satisfied with your experience.

Most Trusted Psychics on Everclear

Susanna A. isn’t your average psychic. Think therapist meets fortune teller! She’s a licensed family, marriage, and child therapist, so you know she can handle all that emotional baggage. But plot twist–she also uses tarot cards, reiki, numerology, and even rebirthing techniques in her readings. Sounds intense, but hey, it means her readings are super precise and accurate.

Kate, on the other hand, is a total psychic powerhouse. With over 10 years of experience and a brain full of psychology, sociology, and even the spiritual arts, she can give you insightful advice on pretty much anything–love woes, relationship drama, figuring out your destiny, your career path, the whole shebang. 

Promotion and Deals

If you’re new to Everclear, they’ll welcome you with a 3-minute free psychic reading that lets you experience a brief session with the reader before committing to a paid session.


If you’re seeking a psychic who truly understands you, you won’t go wrong with Everclear. They provide precise guidance tailored specifically to your needs to ensure you leave feeling enlightened and empowered.

>>Speak to a psychic for free on Everclear

5. California Psychics – Most Trusted and Widely-Known Psychic Platform

California Psychics
Image from California Psychics, graphic from in-house design team


  • Phone and chat readings available
  • Highly screened and trusted online psychics
  • Affordable $1-per-minute packages 
  • Karma Rewards program for loyal customers
  • Over 28 years of experience


  • Video readings are not available

California Psychics has made its mark in the psychic industry with over 28 years of experience helping individuals. They also offer an assortment of readings, including tarot and astrology, to cater to diverse interests. 

And you won’t have to struggle to find your ideal psychic–their user-friendly search filter simplifies the process.

You won’t have to break the bank either. California Psychics has friendly beginner rates of as low as $1 per minute. They don’t forget their loyal customers either–the Karma Rewards program rewards loyal clients with discounts and gifts, adding extra value to the experience.

Most Trusted Psychics on California Psychics

Mattie is basically a rockstar psychic with a near-perfect rating of 4.9 stars from over 5,000 reviews! She’s your girl for all things career, love, and even your finances. Plus, she can help you connect with loved ones who’ve passed on, using tarot cards to bridge the gap.

Pilar is another powerhouse psychic with tons of experience under her belt–over 32,000 readings, to be exact! She can help you with similar areas like career and love and even connect you with loved ones who’ve passed on. Her toolbox is pretty cool, too–tarot cards, pendulums, and even astrology–all to give you the most insightful reading possible.

Promotions & Deals

New customers exploring the service for the first time? You can take advantage of 3 excellent 20-minute introductory packages, starting at just $1 per minute–saving up to $170.


California Psychics is swimming in positive reviews for its top-notch psychic readings on all aspects of life. With a legacy spanning almost 3 decades, their commitment to customer satisfaction is undeniable–carefully vetting psychics to ensure you get a bang for your buck!

>>Get cheap $1/min readings on California Psychics

6. Sanctuary Psychic Reading – Most Trusted Psychics for Chat Readings 

Image from Sanctuary Psychic, graphic from in-house design team


  • 30 days of reading credits
  • Premium chat psychic readings available
  • 5-minute reading for $4.99
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Over 135 online chat psychics


  • This service exclusively offers chat readings

Sanctuary Psychic Reading understands that some things need to remain private–offering a private chat-based experience with over 130 psychics accessible through their app. 

So, if you want to receive wisdom anonymously, you’re in the right place. They also provide daily horoscopes, monthly forecasts, and insights on astrological compatibility, all at no cost.

Their sessions are flexible, ranging from a quick 10-minute check-in to a thorough 60-minute session. New users get a warm welcome with a 5-minute introductory reading for just $4.99, making it a great value.

Most Trusted Psychics on Sanctuary

Kinnaree isn’t just a psychic; she’s a whole vibe! This experienced energy healer and clairvoyant reader (basically sees stuff others can’t) used to be a teacher of psychic abilities, so you know her skills are legit. She’s been at it for a decade now, so she’s got tons of experience to draw from.

Zoe, on the other hand, is like a mystical lineage all rolled into one! This psychic, astrologer, and tarot reader comes from a long line of Celtic mystics, basically, magic runs in her blood. Oh, and she’s an Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius, which apparently means big things in the astrological world. Sounds like she’s got a unique perspective to offer in your readings.

Promotions & Deals

Sanctuary Psychic Reading makes your first psychic reading easy on the wallet with a 5-minute reading for just $4.99.


Sanctuary Psychic Reading is the new kid on the block, providing accurate psychic readings via chat for a personalized experience. If you’re seeking cosmic clarity from psychics who prioritize privacy, this is your go-to spot.

>>Get 5 minutes for $4.99 on Sanctuary

7. Psychic Source – Most Trusted Psychics for Beginners

Psychic Source
Image from Psychic Source, graphic from in-house design team


  • Cheap $1/min psychic readings
  • Numerous experienced psychics
  • Video readings available
  • Over 30 years of expertise
  • 3-minute free reading


  • Video readings are not offered by every psychic

Beginners, this one’s for you! Psychic Source ensures your time on their site is hassle-free. For one, they have a “Find a Psychic Tool” that assists in matching you with the ideal advisor, and if you’re stranded and don’t know where to begin, many tarot psychics provide free podcasts to explain their craft.

They also offer a dedicated section with articles and infographics covering various psychic and spiritual topics, allowing you to enhance your understanding before a reading.

Most Trusted Psychics on Psychic Source

Psychic Seraphina is a rising star with 8 years of experience under her belt. She starts things off with tarot cards but then takes it to the next level by tapping into her inner psychic abilities to read your aura. Pretty cool, right? She can help you with your finances and career and even figure out your life path.

Psychic Therese is like a psychic Swiss Army Knife! This experienced reader uses a whole arsenal of tools, including tarot cards, dream interpretation, spiritual path analysis, and even psychology, to deliver super accurate and insightful readings. There’s no mystery she can’t crack!

Promotions & Deals

Psychic Source is among the most generous psychic platforms, offering $1 per minute deals for 10, 20, and 30-minute sessions. New customers receive a bonus of 3 free minutes with their first reading, allowing them to connect with talented tarot readers at no initial cost.


Psychic Source is distinguished for its compassionate and accurate psychic readings, offered at an affordable rate. The platform is also highly regarded for providing top-notch tarot readings online.

>>Get a 3-minute free psychic reading on Psychic Source

8. AskNow – Most Accurate Online Psychics 

Image from AskNow, graphic from in-house design team


  • $1 per minute offers available
  • Ask a free psychic question via email
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 5 free minutes for new users
  • All psychics are vetted for quality


  • Video readings are currently not offered on this platform
  • Elite psychics are quite expensive

If you’re all about the VIP treatment, AskNow has extensive offerings, such as the VIP club membership priced at $36 per month. This membership will give you access to master psychic readings, weekly self-help videos, guided meditation videos, and additional benefits.

You’ll also enjoy the convenience of connecting with psychic advisors nationwide via phone or online chat.

AskNow also caters to all budgets, categorizing its psychics into 3 tiers based on price: top-rated, master, and elite psychics. 

You can also rest assured you’re dealing with the best of the best in the industry. AskNow takes pride in featuring the most rigorously screened psychics online, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the quality of service.

Most Trusted Psychics on AskNow

Psychic Guide Selena sounds like the real deal! This licensed and certified psychic is a triple threat–a master healer and gifted tarot reader, and on top of that, she has remote viewing abilities! That means she can pick up on hidden details that most psychics would miss. 

Miss Kim is a seasoned pro with 15 years of experience. She uses a unique combo of angel cards and chakra cards along with her own psychic gifts to get a deep understanding of your current situation. She even does something called channel writing, which sounds pretty mystical!

Promotions & Deals

AskNow gives your wallet the pampering it needs with enticing $1 per minute deals–among the most generous packages available among online psychic reading platforms. 

You can choose between 30 or 40-minute options, and as a welcome bonus, you’ll receive an extra 5 minutes for free to consult with a master psychic advisor. This offer provides great value and flexibility for those seeking psychic guidance.


AskNow should be one of your top options if you’re seeking accurate psychic readings across various aspects of life. With its combination of free minutes, diverse psychic services, and the option for both phone and chat readings, AskNow caters to a broad audience seeking spiritual guidance.

>>Get 5 minutes with a master advisor on AskNow

9. Oranum – Most Trusted Psychics for Live Video Readings

Image from Oranum, graphic from in-house design team


  • Free $9.99 credit for new users
  • Wide range of topics available
  • Hundreds of psychics available for consultations
  • Best platform for video readings
  • Free live chat room


  • Confusing coin-based system

Imagine being able to connect with a psychic face-to-face in the comfort of your home! That’s where Oranum shines–providing a unique approach through their live video readings.

But hey, if you prefer to remain anonymous, there’s an option to turn off video or text. 

New users get $9.99 in free credits and access to a free live chat room, allowing them to test the waters before paying for a session.

Oranum is also the place to get diverse services beyond traditional psychic readings, including sessions with pet whisperers and sound bath experiences. You should also take advantage of their collection of free spiritual videos. It provides a soulful library of content, similar to a personalized Netflix for spiritual enrichment, available to explore and enjoy at your convenience.

Most Trusted Psychics on Oranum

PsychicShamanMae is a Reiki master with over two decades of experience from a shamanic lineage. She possesses psychic gifts such as clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, enabling her to readily tap into your auric field to provide spiritual guidance for any situation.

On the other hand, Sensei is renowned for providing reliable insights on finance, love, life path, spiritual connection, energy balancing, and more. He does not use psychic tools; instead, he relies on his strong clairvoyance to assist you in gaining the knowledge and understanding you seek.

Promotions & Deals

Oranum rolls the red carpet with $9.99 in free credits–offering an excellent opportunity to explore the platform and connect with a psychic that aligns with your preferences and needs.


Oranum gives its competitors a run for their money with its live video readings, which offer a unique and personal touch to psychic guidance. It’s akin to having a psychic best friend on speed dial, available to provide real-time wisdom and insights. This interactive approach enhances the connection between clients and psychics, making the experience more engaging and personalized.

>>Visit Oranum’s free live chat room

10. Psychic Oz – Most Trusted Psychics for Ongoing Guidance 

Psychic Oz
Image from Psychic Oz, graphic from in-house design team


  • The first minute is free for new users
  •  3 free minutes 
  • Wide selection of psychics to choose from
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Affordable readings ( $1 per minute)


  • You can only ask one question per email 

Psychic Oz seduces new customers with budget-friendly psychic insights, making it an excellent option for beginners who want to test the waters without spending a fortune. We also love that they prioritize confidentiality, allowing you to share your secrets without concerns.

However, you may have difficulty obtaining a refund here, but don’t fret because the psychics undergo rigorous checks to ensure authenticity and quality.

Most Trusted Psychics on Psychic Oz

Luke specializes in helping individuals navigate their career paths and offers guidance on professional development. He uses his psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and divination tools such as tarot cards, to provide insightful readings and valuable advice regarding career choices and professional growth.

Tula, on the other hand, utilizes her psychic gifts and divination tools like tarot cards, crystals, and pendulums to assist you in understanding your past lives and their influence on your present life.

Promotions & Deals

Psychiz Oz is all about enticing psychic reading deals. First off, you get 3 free minutes on your first psychic session. Additionally, they offer the first minute for free for every phone session. The cherry on top? There are $1 per minute specials for 10 and 15-minute sessions, ensuring quality guidance without breaking the bank.


Psychic Oz has created a cozy corner on the internet for those seeking direction and guidance. They have a lineup of empathetic and experienced psychics available at very pocket-friendly prices

>>Get 3 free minutes on Psychic Oz.

11. Purple Ocean – Best Recorded Readings 

Purple Ocean
Image from Purple Ocean, graphic from in-house design team


  • Live readings are also available
  • All readings are priced at $10
  • Free phone app for convenient access
  • Personalized video readings tailored to your needs
  • Readings delivered within 1 hour


  • Readings are exclusively available via the phone app

Purple Ocean is making waves in the psychic world, and it’s not hard to see why. With its free app, accessible on iOS and Android, you can navigate its extensive catalog of psychics effortlessly, allowing you to seek guidance no matter where you are.

For just $10, you can avail yourself of a personalized 3-minute video reading delivered to your device within a day. Need the reading even faster? They offer a “rush” reading option for an additional $5. 

Most Trusted Psychics on Purple Ocean

Claudia Eden provides insights into love, career, clairvoyance, and relationship coaching. Her reading styles typically involve using tarot cards and psychic abilities to offer guidance and clarity in these areas.

Kryonadvisor, on the other hand, specializes in love, career, dream analysis, and spiritual coaching. Their reading styles include dream analysis, tarot, psychic readings, and relationship coaching to provide comprehensive guidance and insights in these areas.

Promotions & Deals

The platform primarily offers $10 flat-rate readings, an affordable option for individuals seeking psychic insights. However, there’s an option to get rush readings $15 if you need answers fast.


You won’t get many psychic platforms that give you the chance to get a reading at a $10 flat rate. Purple Ocean makes this possible through its recorded sessions that you can view at any time.

>>Get affordable recorded readings on Purple Ocean

12. Mysticsense – Most Trusted Online Psychics for LGBTQ+ Questions

Mystic Sense
Image from Mysticsense, graphic from in-house design team


  • Specializes in LGBTQ+ readings
  • Chat, phone, and video calls
  • 5-minutes free consultation
  • 750+ online psychics to choose from
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Not all advisors offer video call readings 

Mysticsense is current with the times, welcoming everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community. They also excel in providing budget-friendly psychic services, ensuring clients of all backgrounds feel valued and supported.

Here, you’ll get access to over 750 psychics offering diverse services, including daily cosmic forecasts and free AI-powered tarot sessions. There are also numerous articles on various topics through its blog, enhancing the user experience and knowledge base.

Most Trusted Psychics on Mysticsense

Angelina is a highly experienced and gifted soulmate guide specializing in love readings. She is a no-tool reader, relying solely on her natural psychic abilities to provide accurate and insightful guidance in various areas of life.

On the other hand, Gal is a certified crystal healer who uses her natural skills to address disturbances in your energy field. She specializes in healing readings, and she can also guide on love and family matters. She also offers insights into dreams, past lives, and meditation techniques.

Promotions & Deals

Mysticsense is among the most generous psychic platforms, welcoming new users with 5 free minutes on their first session. Mysticsense also occasionally offers promotions and discounts on various psychic reading services, allowing users to explore different offerings at reduced rates.


Mysticsense is the place to be if you want genuine guidance without judgment or hidden fees. The platform focuses on providing uplifting spiritual and psychic advice delivered with positive vibes. 

>>Get 5 free minutes on Mysticsense

13. Purple Tides – Best Insights From Multiple Psychics

Purple Tides
Image from Purple Tides, graphic from in-house design team


  • Affordable readings priced at $5 each
  • Free app available for iOS and Android 
  • 5 psychic perspectives delivered simultaneously
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours or your money back


  • Only pre-recorded video format is available

Considering how expensive some psychic platforms are, paying $5 to get advice from multiple expert psychics may seem like a scam. 

Purple Tides proves you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get expert psychic advice. For just $5, you can receive insights from 5 different psychics, offering a comprehensive view on any topic of concern. These insights are available via pre-recorded video and are accessible anytime and anywhere.

Most Trusted Psychics on Purple Tides

Unlike other platforms, Purple Tides selects which psychics respond to your query. But don’t fret! The psychic advisors are all rigorously screened to ensure accurate guidance and predictions.

Promotions & Deals

We all love a great deal, and Purple Tides doesn’t disappoint on that front. The site offers every reading at a flat rate of $5. So, if you’re looking for cheap psychic services that don’t compromise on quality, this is the platform to visit.


Purple Tides breaks the mold by taking on a unique approach to psychic services. The chance to consult multiple psychics gives you a comprehensive and multi-faceted perspective on any question while remaining timely and cost-effective.

>>Get answers from 5 psychics for $5 on Purple Tides

What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a journey into the depths of your life, tapping into a sixth sense that’s not just about what you see, hear, touch, taste, or feel in your gut. It’s like opening a mystical door to explore your past, present, and future. 

Psychics might bust out tools like tarot cards, astrology charts, or numerology to give you insights you never even dreamed of. Think of it as a sneak peek at the universe’s plans for you!

Who Should Consult Online Psychics

Psychic readings don’t target specific types of people. Anyone can be curious about getting a reading! You don’t have to be at a crossroads or facing a dilemma either. Sometimes, it’s just about seeking validation or gaining insights into your daily life. 

Consulting an online psychic can offer valuable advice or encouragement, whether you’re curious about romance, career, or personal development. So, why not give it a try?

Types of Psychic Readings Online

Online psychics do different types of psychic readings. Here are some of the most popular options:

Fortune Telling

If you’ve ever been curious about peeking into the future, then fortune-telling might be right up your alley! It’s an age-old practice where you can get a sneak peek into what’s coming your way using stuff like cards, palmistry, and other mysterious tools. A fortune teller can give you the lowdown on everything from love and career to health and beyond, giving you a little glimpse into what’s around the corner.

Tarot Readings

Most people think of the tarot when looking for a little mystical guidance. It’s like chatting with a wise old friend who just happens to use a deck of 78 cards to tell stories. These cards aren’t just pretty pictures; each one has its own tale to tell.

When you get a tarot reading, the reader dives into your past, present, and future, using those cards to give you some insights and maybe a little nudge in the right direction on life’s crazy adventure.

Love Readings

Love readings are like your own personal love GPS, guiding you through the twists and turns of your relationships, and love psychics are like relationship detectives. They help you unravel the mysteries of the heart and find your way to a happier, more fulfilling love life.


Mediums are the ultimate go-between, connecting our world with the great beyond. They chat with spirits and pass along their messages, giving us comfort and closure.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is like solving a puzzle; a psychic specializing in this field is like a master puzzle solver. They’re pros at decoding the hidden messages within your dreams and unraveling the mysteries of your subconscious mind.

Astrology Readings

This reading is like having a GPS for your life, but instead of satellites, it uses stars and planets! Astrology looks at where these celestial bodies are hanging out to give you insights into your personality, relationships, career, and more.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is all about exploring numbers and their secret meanings. Think of it as your magical guide, revealing insights about your life’s journey, destiny, and what makes you one-of-a-kind, all thanks to the mysterious power of numbers!

>>Get $10 off your first purchase on Purple Garden

How We Ranked the Most Trusted Psychics Online

When we looked into the most trusted online psychics, we checked out many different things to ensure we only recommend the most reliable and accurate services. Here’s what we looked at:

User Reviews and Ratings

It wasn’t enough for us that a company claimed to be the best. We made sure to listen to what users had to say. Customer reviews and ratings are like little windows into the accuracy and legitimacy of psychic readings and the overall quality of service.


We also wanted you to have an easy time finding what you’re looking for, so we checked out the different specialties available. The top psychic platforms offer a range of specialties to meet all kinds of needs. 

Whether you’re looking for advice on love, career, or spiritual matters, these platforms have a variety of psychic experts with different specialties ready to help with your specific concerns.

Screening Process

With so many con artists claiming to be psychic online, we didn’t want to leave legitimacy to chance. We ensured each platform we chose employs a strict vetting process to ensure they have the best psychics on board.

Psychic Experience & Expertise

A site’s years of experience was also non-negotiable. We paid more attention to platforms with extensive experience in the field and the ability to deliver precise and insightful readings. 

Discounts and Promotions

We also wanted to ensure you not only get a bang for your buck but also have free time to test the waters before parting with your hard-earned cash. All the platforms we’ve reviewed offer enticing discounts and promo deals to new customers.

Communication Methods

We also considered the sites’ communication methods to ensure there’s something for everyone. Our top picks offer a variety of communication methods, including phone calls, video chats, and text-based chat, allowing you to choose your most convenient option.


Getting a psychic reading doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! We tried to find online platforms offering readings under $1 per minute. Some, like Kasamba, give you up to 50% off when you start.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Peace of mind was a big deal for us. We looked for platforms that give you a ‘money-back guarantee’ if you’re not happy. It’s like a psychic safety net, you know? We wanted sites that stand behind their psychics, offering refunds or even another reading if you didn’t quite click with the first one.

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FAQs on the Most Trusted Psychics

You likely have several questions if you’re new to seeking psychic services. In this section, we address some commonly asked questions among customers to assist you in making an informed decision.

Can the Best Psychics Online Be Trusted?

Yes, there are some phonies out there, no lie. But there are also lots of genuine folks who give excellent readings. Look for platforms with a good vetting process, like Purple Garden, and read reviews to see what others say.

How Can You Tell if Your Psychic Reader Is Legitimate?

A real psychic will be upfront about their abilities, keep your stuff private, and empower you to make your own choices. They should be honest, have integrity, and genuinely want to help you on your journey.

How Much Do Reliable Online Psychic Readings Cost?

Prices vary depending on the platform, the psychic’s experience, and the type of reading. It can range from a buck a minute to way more, but there are often welcome discounts for newbies!

When Is the Best Time To Get a Psychic Reading?

There’s no magic hour. Do it whenever you need guidance, whether you’re facing a tough decision or just want some insights. Regular sessions are also recommended, like a check-in with your inner self.

How Accurate Are Online Psychics?

It depends on the psychic and the questions you ask. There’s no guarantee but experienced psychics on platforms like Purple Garden can be quite accurate and insightful.

Are There Psychics That Offer Free Readings?

Yes, Platforms like Keen and Kasamba offer introductory minutes. Think of it as a test drive to see if you click with the psychic.

What Tools Do the Best Psychics Use?

Psychics employ various tools and methods during readings–tarot cards, crystals, astrology charts, you name it. Some psychics just tap into their intuition. Each technique offers a different way of seeing things.

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Final Word

Feeling lost in love, stuck in your career, or just wanting to figure out “what’s next”? Yeah, we’ve all been there. That’s where these awesome trusted psychics come in–they can be like a GPS for your life, guiding you through the twists and turns.

We checked out a bunch of different platforms, and Purple Garden really stood out. They seem super focused on making sure their psychics are the real deal, giving accurate readings and sound advice.

Imagine–a clearer path for your love life, a boost in your career, and feeling more in control of your whole journey. Pretty cool, right? 

So, why not take a dip into the world of psychics and see what it unlocks for you? You might be surprised at what you discover!

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