Tried & Tested Online Roulette Strategies To Apply In 2021

There are tons of videos that present and advertise a roulette strategy, thereby tempting you to sign up for a certain online casino. They are usually not even cut and uploaded by the online casinos themselves. Such videos are practically never trustworthy.

Online roulette is a game that is offered by so many of the big casinos like 888 casino, Jackpot City, best online casino in Canada and many more. Because, of it’s popularity and the number of players, many strategies have been tired and tested by enthusiasts.

Nowadays, vendors have perfected their softwares to such extend that tricking the game is close to impossible.

What are online roulette strategies?

The online roulette strategy’s objective is clear: by gambling a certain amount of money based on a particular strategy. By playing a game of chance, the ultimate goal is to get a big win from the spin.

Other table games like poker focus on strategy and ability. There it is possible to significantly increase the chances of winning with clever moves and your own thinking. However, it is hazardous to play roulette with this insurance. The odds that would result in incidents are still the same and noone will alter them.

Make sure profits with the online roulette strategy?

In short, there are no effective online roulette strategies and even if there were the best gambling sites constantly rely on the game they offer to be fair and don’t encourage using a particular strategy. It is important to view any game for itself. The odds are always equal. All mathematical game systems that are based on precise analyze and calculations can therefore not be used. Gamblers should supposedly not trust safe and risk-free live roulette strategies and always ask very critically about such tactics.

Software manipulation in real money online roulette games

Software manipulation is the highlight of the so-called casino roulette strategies. Some players seem to have managed to redesign the casino software for their purposes. Gamblers can supposedly win automatically because losses are not recorded, and only profits are credited to the account. With the download of manipulated casino software, it is allegedly possible for every player to win four-digit amounts within a few minutes.

Never trust websites, videos or eBooks that speak of a safe profit strategy or offer bots for download! These are always attempts at fraud!

Of course, there are also attractive videos on the Internet. It should be clear that a casino roulette strategy related to the manipulation of software is illegal. This can lead to serious legal consequences. You should never attempt or attempt such tactics, regardless of whether or not such manipulation is possible.

Perhaps hackers and absolute experts may have succeeded in setting up a manipulated casino software and making money with it. However, this will definitely not be offered for free download on the Internet.

In addition, there is the following fact: If it were possible to earn 1,200 dollars with the manipulated software within 15 minutes, why are the annual earnings of gamblers “only” around 130,000 dollars? Those in charge within the casinos are interested in such high amounts. They quickly find out about fraudsters.

Successful roulette strategies

During countless roulette evenings, two passionate gamblers came up with the idea of ​​noting down numbers played out and then analyzing them. So they noticed that the live roulette wheel didn’t have to be straight. According to probability calculation, playing a number in live roulette is always associated with the same chance.

With this roulette wheel, however, some numbers appeared slightly more often. A faulty construction must have been to blame. Against this background, a roulette strategy could be developed, which brought the two savvy gamblers high winnings in the end.

The core of this roulette strategy is the faulty roulette wheel. Without it, this would not have been necessary to grow and profit based on a strategy. Only high-quality kettles are used in professional casinos. An error in production can be practically ruled out. Gamblers cannot, therefore, speculate on using a similar roulette strategy.

Doubling trick example: Roulette strategy put to the test

One sticks out or hopes to double the money from the various common methods and techniques for financial success. It is promoted in multiple images being posted on the World Wide Web. To characterize those roulette tactics, terms such as “risk-free” and “guaranteed” are also used.

How the doubling trick works

The theory of the so-called trick of doubling seems to be quite simple. We specifically presume the classic American roulette. Squares have 37 sides entirely, or squares are made up of 37 of everything. Of these, 18 are red and 18 are black.

A single area with the number zero is in the green hue. Players have the chance to gamble on whether the drawn ball would be red or not. The odds for the colors red and black each make up 48.6% of the probabilities. Promotional videos talk of “almost 50%” that can be rounded up smoothly.

Today, players with a certain portion of their overall resources can bet on the presence of color. In this case, let’s consider a total of 10 dollars. If a gambler places these 10 dollars on the color red and wins a game, 20 dollars is paid out to him. Therefore, he bets 10 dollars on the red color again for the next round.

This principle continues until he loses. After that, the stake is doubled and wagered again for the next game on the color picked at the beginning (in this scenario, red). A bet of 20 dollars is made on the red. The participant earns a bonus of USD 40 if a red number is actually worked out and therefore compensates for his defeat in the previous game and gains an extra USD 10.

The theory of doubling is continued when another color is the leading color in the second round. The gambler would have already invested 40 dollars on a color for the next turn on the roulette wheel. The doubling continues before a benefit is made.

Then, in the beginning, the trick begins again with the defined starting capital – 10 dollars in this case. The doubling trick is foolproof because, purely statistically, due to the probability, the selected color must follow at some point.

So the trick of doubling doesn’t make any sense

The first glance should be led to the “almost 50%” statement. A chance of 1 in 2 sounds promising, but it is not the truth. In professional calculations within the probability framework, even the smallest percentages must not simply be omitted.

The truth is that the number zero and therefore a green field can also be hit with a 2.8% probability. The first small flaw of the doubling trick is revealed easily. It reveals, above all, the deception of active gamblers who are clearly serving up falsehoods.

It seems easy and logical to understand: if a certain color with a likelihood of 48.6% has been drawn twice, the emotional chance of another color winning in the next game increases. However, in fact, this is not clearly the case. Each round must be viewed as an individual event.

By obtaining those outcomes in the fourth season, the odds are always the same and do not improve. Even if the game was always red in ten consecutive games, the probability that a black number will win again with the next spin is 48.6 percent. Only emotionally odd are high sequences of the same color in a row. Rows are nothing remarkable from a strictly mathematical point of view.

Two models of chance are sometimes mistaken when discussing that the replication trick is guaranteed to succeed. It is believed that in one game, the presence of color raises the chance of another color occurring in the next game. One case impacts the other and shifts the odds “without replacement” according to the stochastic model.

If, after a drawing, the number drawn disappears from the roulette wheel, this way of thought is right. This is not true in the present scenario. Hence, the doubling trick is not true. Other than that, the money of the player will not so easily hang onto larger doubles. The amounts to be wagered are rising quite quickly.


The outcome of every game in online roulette is completely independent of previous rotations of the roulette wheel. For this function, the odds are still the same for particular incidents and do not alter. Roulette was developed in such a way that the bank always has an advantage. Even the combination of different bets during a game does not produce certain profits. Don’t be fooled by an advertised roulette strategy – these gaming systems are viewed as a scam. Mathematically there is no justification why such a trick should work.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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